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Rabbids Invasion

Rabbids Invasion

Release Date:  April 5, 2012
Publisher:  Ubisoft
Developer:  Ubisoft
Genre:  Social Game

Rabbids: Invasion is a social game from Ubisoft, behind social games such as The Smurfs & Co and Ghost Recon Commander.


The moment you set foot on the crazy world, you realize that the secret to success lies in sabotaging other players’ cities and conducting a series of destructive quests. Only in this way can you overthrow their defense and invade their territory. By planting all kinds of hilarious items, you can activate a booming economy which will be very helpful to your expansion plan. What’s more, you can also let your imagination run wild and create an unparalleled Rabbid thanks to “Raving Ravatar”, a brand-new customization feature in Rabbids Invasion. Beautify your rabbid with fabulous accessories, build a large wardrobe and enjoy the journey of mayhem with your friends and relatives on Facebook!


A group of insane rabbits invade the city, destroy it, and turn it into a playground of their own, conquering building by building, farm by farm, and tree by tree. It was surprising to watch a bunch of rabbits rush to a building, tear it apart, and then create a structure for fun as well as revenue collection.

The detailed and fine animated details of the environment are comparable with those of the popular social games at present. Rabbids Invasion is not the first game with not so pretty characters-at least not that I know of since there is the Flying Kingdoms which already takes that lead. Decorate the city with a rabbit’s statue (to scare others off) in a social game. Turn a farm into a playground. Wonderful. The trees those rabbits reformed in the shape of a chicken or a rabbit do look amusing.

But, how come that does not pique my interest at all?

The basic gameplay here is exactly the same as in other social games, or far more easy, to be specific. You don’t need to focus and even don’t have to use your brain here. Follow the arrows, click, and it’s done. No exception. Rabbids Invasion doesn’t even bother to design a complete story. It is kinda absurd that with so many rabbits enjoying themselves here and there and I still have to wait for energy refills. The resources are limited. That I understand. However, with no specific character to operate, I see no sense in the borrowing of such an energy system. Besides, the pictures are too colorful and are hard on my eyes.

It is complicated. Yes, it relives the classic games on X360 but I just don’t think it can hold one’s attention. Sorry to come to a conclusion, but this game, in my personal view, is applicable to children only.

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  1. Ronny says:

    How you can get more toilet paper?

  2. diana says:

    the link is not working i can't access to play this rabbids invasion game.

  3. Adrian says:

    Why can't i play this game on facebook it says 404 error how to fix this problem please tell me

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