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Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  ZupCat
Developer:  ZupCat
Genre:  Racing

RaceTown is a Facebook car racing game where players take in charge of a garage, and deal with service of various vehicles, and participate in matches with other players.


Despite the carelessly crafted pictures and endlessly long waits here and there, it might still be a game that car lovers and race fans would want to give a try.

Purchase a car, confront the arrogant V8 club, and race one of them. In that way, you are going to earn your reputation in the neighborhood. Back to your garage, do a customer job, earn the money and you are ready to furnish the garage with Vintage Jack, Oil Shelf, Engine stand, Tool Car, Car Wax, Battery Stack, Air Compressor, Neon Column or any of those stuffs that bring coins at various intervals. Once having accumulated enough money, you will also be able to introduce more workbays that enable you to service multiple cars simultaneously.

Click the GPS button and you will see the map of RaceTown. Select an unlocked location, Mid Night Pool or Heavyweight Gym for example, and pick someone to compete with. Click a player car parking at the place, check the performance and determine whether to race him or her. Be aware that the performance of a car plays a vital role in your race and don’t waste your time in competitions with those of much higher performances. Only victory counts, though defeated races can also bring rather small amounts of experience points.

The racing itself is pretty simple. Press the green Ready button and then the Go button and your car will start. A rod at the interface bottom swings from left to right several time during the match and you’d better press the Go button again once the rod reaches the green zone. In that way you are able to accelerate your car. If you happen to click the button when the rod enters the red zone on the right of the green one, your car will slow down and probably lag behind the rivaling car.

Of course, you can customize and upgrade your car: add neon, change color, or enhance the engine, or other improvements. All those jobs cost coins or even RaceCash but do enable you to better your car’s appearance and performance and dazzle your enemies.

There is a car exhibition section where you could vote for your favorite car in display or just dazzle other players by exhibiting your own car. If your car ends up being the most popular one, you will obtain a large sum of money.

The animation in RaceTown is kind of weird though. Some things are neatly crafted and really resemble real-life objects while others, including NPCs, are no more than ugly-looking and lousily-drafted things actually. The Cash Register, for example, looks like it’s just come out from a garage down the street, though not clear enough even when I zoom in to the greatest extent.

The customer jobs sometimes take hours and given that quests often involve several jobs of the same type, you could seldom progress as smoothly as you want. And it is known to almost every gamer that where there is energy system, there is energy shortage. The same is true in RaceTown. Collecting coins and cleaning up the mess after a customer job both consume energy and it won’t take long before you run out of energy and have to leave the game for hours.

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