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RAD Soldiers

RAD Soldiers

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Splash Damage
Developer:  Splash Damage
Genre:  Strategy

RAD Soldiers is a mobile strategy shooter where players take command of their mercenaries and fight to death for power and dominance. The biggest highlight lies in its asynchronous turn-based tactical gameplay which requires you to unleash your wisdom to the fullest.

RAD Soldiers also has a plethora of weapons and items in store, like pistols, machine guns and grenades, which can be gained or upgraded in the game.

As for the visuals, RAD Soldiers distinguishes itself from the serious-looking fantasy-themed strategy games which overflow in current game market. To be fair, it is easy to be arrested by the adorable characters at first glance. The characters tend to be out of standard proportion in physique and usually wear expressive yet funny countenances. The loveliest role is perhaps the naughty single-eyed robot which looks so clingy and cute.

The battles will take place in a spiraling city and its web-like streets. Your enemies may lurk in every dark corner, so it is very important to get equipped with advanced weapons and team up with several friends.


Anyone who craves a casual but deeply strategic experience could finally stop hunting – we’ve got RAD Soldiers now.

Select the skill you prefer, choose your teammates among the mercs you have, and be ready to defend the rockets, which are rare and precious in London as the game suggests, against your enemies in various places, including the market, train station, and city center.

The places are by no means large or spacious. But you might wish it be smaller and smaller sometimes. That is because the battles are strictly turn-based – don’t worry, there is no time limit, which means you can leave right in the middle of a battle and come back whenever you want. And in each turn, you design the moves of all your team members individually: where they should go, who they should attack, which skills they should use and then where they should go to find a cover so as to decrease the damages possibly caused by the coming attacks. Anyway, although the maps are rather small, you can design the strategies and moves totally by yourself – and you’d better watch out since it is a matter of life and death.

Like Monsterology, RAD Soldiers allows players to manage multiple team members. No matter what place it is, you can only have your characters head towards specified spots – the maps are divided into small grids and your characters can only go to those grids where their action points allow them to. That means you have to be careful about the action points and make full use of them to achieve the optimum results. But, on the other hand, that also decreases the possibility of fully enjoying a 3D shooting experience, which can be a bad news for hardcore 3D gamers.

Each of your members has his or her distinctive skill and as your avatar, or the captain, levels up, it might acquire more. Each character has his maximum HP value, and will spend some action points unleashing their skills. And that is why more often than not, you’d better not go as far as you could, otherwise you would be out of the points, could not land the attack or heal your wounded members, and get shot or even killed in the end.

The basic gameplay is not completely new though. We’ve got titles like Monsterology and Crazy Penguin Wars already. But RAD Soldiers doesn’t just offer limited action points for each character in each turn, it also pits all the battles and actions in a 3D world, which means you can rotate and change the angle for better views any time you want.

Nonetheless, RAD Soldiers might not look like a carefully designed game at first. The lousy graphics in the character selection and customization almost drove me away from the real contents. Fortunately, the 3D pictures are simplified, but they look natural and comfortable and serve right for the overall strategic and shooting experience.

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  1. Nameless says:

    Can't wait!

  2. lilly says:

    it does not work

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