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Rage of 3 Kingdoms

Rage of 3 Kingdoms

Release Date:  July 20, 2012
Publisher:  Rimasuri Sdn. Bhd.
Developer:  UQee
Genre:  Strategy

Rage of 3 Kingdoms (卧龙吟 or WolongYin) is a browser-based strategy game developed by Shanghai-based Uqee and published by offgamers. The game takes you back to the Three Kingdoms period when you play as a warlord commanding an army of troops, train Chinese historical heroes and seek for world hegemony.


Rage of 3 Kingdoms is more like a revamp of Epicx rather than a new independent title. It deals with deep upgrades instead of deep strategies.

Building upgrade

You start with a Town hall, and then come the shop, the cottage, treasury, training camp, barracks, granary and farmland. That list might be limited but you also have to upgrade the structures to level 10, level 20, level 40, level 60 and more. There seems no end to that time-consuming process. You have only two building teams and each can accept construction projects as long as the total cooldown time is less than 2 hours. And given the huge number of pending constructions and upgrades, you constantly need to spend the gold to reduce the cooldown time – and that is the only way the game remains playable.

The level of Town hall determines the level cap of all the structures in the city and as the Town hall upgrades, it opens up more structures, such as the hunting ground and the research center.

Hero upgrade

No matter how you upgrade your town hall and other structures, you will be still weak in battles unless you upgrade your heroes. Starting by selecting one hero, you will recruit more after you defeat the enemies in the way. And since the heroes, or generals, do not accumulate experience through battles, you have to train the heroes to enhance your battle competence and performance.

Equipment upgrade

Equipment and armor are keys to success in battles sometimes. All the weapons, scrolls, cloaks, chest guards, and even warhorses must be purchased and upgraded. And as you hire more heroes in your troops, you need to take care of more equipment and armors of course. That requires the upgrade of the shop where all the stuff is purchased in the first place.

Technology upgrade

Unlock and upgrade research center and you will gain access to techniques regarding defense, attack, formations, strategies, healing and so on. They are of great importance. For example, you have to upgrade the formations so as to have more heroes in your squad.

With the combat being automatic, you can only wait for the battle results and then make modifications if necessary. That means you will have to replace the armors and equipment with advanced ones, train the heroes or adopt a different formation.

If anything is amusing in the game, it would be the relocations that occur when your town hall reaches certain levels. For example, if you are level 10, you will move from Luoyang to Chang’an and if you reach level 20, you will move to BeiPing, YunNan or HuiJi, depending on which kingdom you choose to serve. But that relocation mechanics has already been applied in Epicx.


Nonetheless, Rage of 3 Kingdoms still tries to differ from Epicx  and Call of Roma with its hunting ground, where tigers, pheasants, rabbits, bears and boars present themselves and you can click on their bodies several times to kill them and then obtain the reward silver. That is interesting but not exciting and entertaining enough to keep players at the game.

Endless upgrades, boring automatic battles, already used city relocation mechanics and interesting animal hunting. That’s all about Rage of 3 Kingdoms.

7 Comments on Rage of 3 Kingdoms


  1. Dark Driger says:

    This game appears to be like Dynasty Saga by koramgame / Warflow by dovogame / Chronicles of Merlin by koramgame / ect…
    Just to let ya know…

  2. Richard says:

    It's pretty good at high levels. At level 60, there is an arena feature and patrol feature whereby you pit hero against hero for reward and recognition server wide. At level 75 there is a pagoda feature whereby it's like a raid dungeon and you need to clear level by level to gain stronger Generals. After that, you get into resources war, clan war and later on sea battle.

    I can't wait for sea battle, it looks very interesting.

  3. Tra says:

    how can i know which hero strong for Wu Kingdom???

  4. dan says:

    i like the creativity and the features…

  5. Sterio says:

    The game is pretty fun but It's too expensive to buy gold. You have to buy gold all the time to stay competitive. And the prices for gold is very high. Move to other games unless your willing to dump hundreds of USD into the game.

  6. Duke says:

    Do not join offgamer server. They over charged gold and there is GM helping WU nation people. Alot Wei and Shu nation people quitted. Very soon the server will go down. There are some Malaysia, Indo and Viet server with cheaper gold can try out there. Offgamers not recommended.

  7. Shawn says:

    Offgamers is a ripoff and they many WU players work for offgamers. It destroys game mechanics. Also plan on spending a lot of USD to be competitive. I suggest to play a non offgamers version. Much cheaper and more balanced.

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