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Release Date:  November 20, 2012
Publisher:  Perfect World Entertainment Inc.
Developer:  MAIET Entertainment
Genre:  MMORPG

Greed is a sin, a monster locked in the foggy darkness of everyone’s heart. One ought to guard it carefully, especially when external temptation is summoning like siren’s lethal songs. In ancient Greek mythology, there is the old lesson of “apple of discord”; and in the game RaiderZ, “philosopher’s stone” with mystical power incurs turmoil and turbulence to the planet of Velix. Please join the hybrid crowd of bounty hunters, scholars and mages, here is your stage.


RaiderZ is a 3D fantasy action-packed MMORPG, a high quality product polished for four years by Korean MAIET Entertainment, who aims high to make a top-notch action game for multi-players and indeed succeeds. Rich in content and high in artistic values, this game as a whole piece can never be praised enough.

To speak of its graphics, in-game scenes and scenarios widespread in the huge map will imprint on players a postcard-like delicacy and refreshment. Those tropical palms and breaking waves in the shore will delight and attract players as they are about to board ships for voyages and adventures; gothic castles among thick emerald forest solemnly erect at sunset waiting for warriors to return from battlefields with glory; and dim dungeons hidden behind grotesque rocks with ghostly fires in the dead night are ready to engulf any invading challenger. All these vivid, next-to-real graphics will internalize players into the game world involuntarily.

As to its contents, this game boasts quite a few features worth noticing. Players in this game can create characters of their own without the limitation of class, which means players can endow avatars with their own tastes. Meanwhile, such an open system allows players to use any weapon or equipment, that is, it is quite likely that a mage may equip with iron armor, wield a sword and engage in the melee attack. Being an action-packed game, RaiderZ is made based on “non-targeting” design. There is no random blow or auto-play in various combats; rather players have to learn and excise skills to control their avatars to attack, evade, or block. The skill-oriented, real-time battles will enable players to experience a fast-paced and intensive fighting by showing off their superb and sophisticated actions. And after reaching certain levels, players will gain access to fighting against “epic monsters”, which is another feature of this game. Be it instant field or open field, players have the chance to encounter monsters with different looks and abilities; and they can hunt their own monsters or jump in to give a hand to other players in battles. Besides, the Artisan System is a selling point too. Items of all types are not easily gained from slaying monsters, finishing quests or buying directly from shops in this game; instead, players have to find “artisan NPCs” to win them. Difficult accessibility and ineluctable exploration will all the more motivate players to trek into the in-depth story.

RaiderZ raises the bar for action games and makes itself a must play for action fans.

Raiderz Preview:

When you first look at this title, you may wonder what we can expect from this weirdly-named game. What the point of ending it with a Z rather than an S? Well, maybe it is just a cunning trick to make it special, but surprisingly, Raiderz is a really interesting MMO where you are not dealing with a bunch of monsters during your spare time, but competing with real enemies.

Someone may sniff at it by saying “Oh my god, another doofy Asian MMO!” But it is not true. Raiderz might seem, at first glance, like a cliché online game, but it turns out to be a real masterpiece. Instead of making it accessible to everyone, this title puts its focus on offering thrilling battles against monsters. Players are sent into combat against really big critters. To gain victory, you must pay attention to team play, have enough patience and master the skill of timing. Perhaps you may also realize that its battle system is quite reminiscent of TERA while its graphics reminds us of ArcheAge.

As for the character creation, you are provided with four options, including Berserker, Defender, Mage and Cleric. But to be honest, this distinction serves only as a template because you can customize your own avatar by drawing on the skills of all classes. We are not sure about its influence to the balance of the game. Hopefully, the developer can work on that!

The first task is a bit hilarious: we are required to kill six lizard warriors. However, this mission still has its charms since the battle system is very intuitive. We need to block and dodge punches away from our enemies in order to stay alive. The initial area is exquisitely designed and incredibly lively. As you progress, you will be captivated by following quests with imaginative tasks: sometimes, we need to steal a big gun from pirates and strive to escape from their persistent chase; sometimes, we take advantage of our ancestors’ powers to fight all-powerful monsters. Unfortunately, with increasing levels, the magic fades little by little and quests become a bit simpler. Too bad!

In general, Raiderz can only be described as Monster Hunter Online before you begin to challenge really giant bosses. Additionally, I strongly suggest that you grab a few friends because you will fail without their help. Well, you will run into a beast which is about three times as big as your avatar and has some really nasty tricks to its own. You should not be ashamed for a couple of failures, and this is the real attraction of the game. Together with a colleague, I ventured into the hazardous world. It took me several attempts before we discovered the vulnerability of Kermit’s evil brother, and we finally came up with a genius tactic and sent the monster back into its hunting ground. Those bosses keep cropping up, so you will be busily occupied for about fifteen minutes before being able to achieve great success.

The slain monsters will leave many precious materials on the battleground, and you can craft godly weapons with them. The production of those weapons is also woven into some quests, demanding you to produce bigger and better weapons to get ahead. In the beginning, you may find this innovation pretty unusual, but you will soon get used to it after about 10 levels.

When it comes to graphics, Raiderz undoubtedly qualifies as a visual feast with atmospheric settings. The look is reminiscent of the previously-viewed videos of ArcheAge. The Asian style is not so exaggerated, therefore, your eyes are spared from some lush decorations. The monsters are designed with variety and dedication, so you will see them in all shapes and looks, such as two-legged cat-like creatures and fish with a mustache. What’s more, there are also giant birds which remind us of Chocobo from Final Fantasy and serve as our mounts to quickly transport from point A to point B.

User Reviews:

I’m still curious to see how the game will develop with increasing levels. So far, it is fun to work with our friends and hunt down really big fish. But real dangers lurk in the following adventures when your hero has to fight against large animals. At that moment, you must have your own tactics, proper timing and a thorough consultation; otherwise, you will be quickly left behind. It is pitiful that the quest-design has diminished after the initial area and then followed the familiar pattern. Still, anyone who has grown tired of monotonous games should definitely take a look at this one. It will captivate your attention. But whether you interest lasts for a long time remains as a question.

My expectations were exceeded. The quest design is ingenious and the combat system requires skill and reaction. You can accumulate a variety of usable items in the wake of struggles, and then store them for special events.

The instanced quests are all story-driven, which reminds me immediately of my beta experience with GW2, even though the avatars have not much else in common. Raiderz is a hybrid game where you can find familiar features from Tera, GW2 and Monster Hunter. For example, both the crafting duty and the combat system are similar to those of Monster Hunter. For sure, all elements are nicely integrated, making Raiderz smooth and playable.

So far, Raiderz is still in its alpha-phase. Let’s all wait for its upcoming release with excitement and anticipation!

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  3. […] It was firstly launched early 2011 under the title “Dungeon Overlord”, available on the Facebook social Network site and Kongregate. In November 2012, the game is officially published by Germany-based GameForge, widely known for publishing Aion-Free-to-Play, Ikariam and RaiderZ. […]

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