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Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard

Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  GameLoft
Developer:  GameLoft (Ubisoft)
Genre:  Shooter

Take up weapons, storm towards your enemies and shoot like crazy! Hordes of grumpy terrorists are marching forward regardless of your power and ammunition. Perhaps you think that this game is just a usual shooter, then you are mistaken because Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard is far more than a mere FPS for iOS. We have gone through a thorough test, thus knowing the details of the game. Follow us to delve into this awesome iPhone game.

Rainbow Six has gathered a small but faithful players’ community, including those who are especially fond of tactical shooting. Actually, this game series pays heavy emphasis on strategies and tactics without which you are hopelessly inferior to others. Except for Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard, its most recent offshoot is Rainbow Six: Vegas which was presented in a controversial way, that is, brute actions mixed with a strategic approach.

Similar to its predecessors, iPhone game Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard by Gameloft blends classic tactic elements with relentless actions, offering an incredibly thrilling gaming experience. Your first mission is set in the 1998 terrorist attack on the Belgian Embassy in London. Taking charge of a three-man team, you strive to clean up the chaotic situation without making any fuss. Though that sounds easier said than done, we have total faith in you because your team is made up of elite soldiers from the Rainbow unit. Numerous nosy journalists and units of the British SAS are on the spot, so you should also maintain the stability of the area by constantly looking over your shoulder.

Creeping through the Embassy, terrorists hide themselves in the dark corners, ready to wage a surprise attack against you, so the first mission is filled with severe perils. No matter what, keep in mind your major goal, that is, to save the Ambassador and his assistant who are held hostage by the terrorists. Unexpected situations may arise now and then in the whole course, and it is wise to always keep vigilant. To make your targets identified, you can look through the glass doors with a camera, just like in the old Rainbow Six.

Having spotted the two hostages, you can make a combat plan prior to formal attacks. It may go as follows: you indicate the objects behind the door with a heartbeat sensor, so you can find terrorists who stand behind the door for cover, and then you can summon your teammates and foray into the dangerous zone. Alongside other soldiers, you kick open the closed-door and eliminate all foes within sight. And remember the three key words while taking action: Silent, Fast and Efficient! Undoubtedly, this session of Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard is partly inspired by Splinter Cell: Conviction.

After you have successfully entered into the next level, the goals of your missions can be seen on the wall, which fits perfectly with the gaming environment. And in terms of graphics, Shadow Vanguard is reminiscent of Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus.

Small icons on the doors will enable you to take cover whenever you and your mates see fit. Before getting started on each mission, you will meet a director who explains the aim of the mission as well as useful information about your enemies. And a number of orders will be inserted between sequences, providing both humor and suspense.

Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard is intended to entertain players with not only slow-infiltration missions but also brutal actions. For example, the second mission will take you to Congo where relentless exchanges of fire are commonplace. Having achieved your goal, you will be assigned with a secondary objective. Of course, your feats will be rewarded with bountiful experience points with which you can rise in rank and unlock new weapons and equipments. There is a large range of accessible weapons, including shotguns, machine guns, grenades etc.

I am a big fan of the Rainbow Six franchise (Ghost Recon Online), and of course, I also have fun with other similar games like Killzone and Halo. The iPhone game Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard incorporates tactical elements as well as Vegas’ action-packed content, so I believe this game will become the next big hit and appeal to millions of players. Get cleverly positioned, shoot the wicked terrorists and rescue those in distress! The next legend is YOU!

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