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Rakion Review

Sara Lau
Aug 1,2012  03:08 by

As most of new MMORPGs these days are primarily mouse click and button smashing fest. Sometimes it takes innovation to stand out from the crowd; Rakion, on the other hand, has been available for years now.

Rakion Chaos Force is an action game with greater emphasis on skill techniques and playing your class well. The character creation and class progression is similar to all MMOG e.g. the warrior as a sword wielding melee, the mage as tactical bomber and indirect nukes, the archer as precise and fast hits from afar, the blacksmith as a heavily armored and hammer equipped ogre, and the swift ninja which can outrun all classes.

The leveling system is also the same; each level up gives your character level points to improve a stat. And each level unlocks new armors/weapons/accessories.

But what separates Rakion from the rest is because of the unique controls rarely found on most MMORPGs. In Rakion you control your character to fight with a combination of directional WASD keys and left/right mouse clicks.

Graphics & Sound

The graphics however is not that impressive.

I understand that the game has been alive for 5 years and there is no contest if compared to newer MMORPGs. The good news is that older systems with mothballed video cards can still run this game without being a memory hugger. There is however a lot of room to improve, an example is text UI that can be misleading at first glance.

Music and sound effects are the most underestimated aspect of a great game. In this case, my grade will be in a mediocre level. There must have been something to better improve such as the better ambience or realistic sound effects.

Overall it all boils down to presentation. Different Classes/Creatures had that medieval fantasy look and feel, armors/weapons are nicely designed and unique; what I liked best are how armors are destroyed each time your character take a hit and an arrow pierced on your limb or knee; yes you’ve read it right, you can literally have an arrow in the knee.


Softnyx games have been innovative, introducing new gameplay that has never been explored before. Take Gunbound for example; years before Angry Birds has become main stream, there is Gunbound.

Fast forward years after, Softnyx has developed and published Rakion, an innovative action online game amidst the hype to click-fest MMORPG and action games are found only in console games.

Rakion allows free style controls using any combination of moves, faints, block, and dash. Character moves can be changed in the midst of an attack; this is a surprising feature making each encounter different and unpredictable.

Character stats and level progression is linear and predictable, each character level up you have 3 level points to allocate to a stat. Want to improve your grip damage? Put level points to the Grip Attack stats; Missile and projective hit damage? Put level points to Range attack; and so on and so forth.

Armors, weapons, and accessories are customizable with hundreds of different combinations and item effect to use with. Not to mention there are literarily a lot of creatures called Cells to choose from and you can only equip 3 Cells at a time. The higher the level the Cell you had equipped, the higher Cell Points (CP) it is needed to summon. Therefore you can’t just own a game room if you don’t have the CP required.

Rakion is PVP-centric game, there are no dungeon to explore; no princess to rescue; or not even a fetch-and-gather quest farming. Thus the only way you can level up is to play a game of player versus player combat. In fact it’s highly recommended that you play against a human opponent as soon as you finish the first three stages and then level up via PVP Battle Mode to unlock new stages.

As with any online game, Rakion has a Shop to buy gold, cash items, and Event items. Gold is acquired by finishing Stage and Battle Mode, won from a gamble mini-game, selling items to the Shop, and using gold bags. Cash items on the other hand can only be bought with Softnyx Cash which is a credit system charged by spending real money. Lastly there are Event items that can be bought with Event Points, it a special currency only garnered when playing the game regularly with a few exceptions.
Unfortunately as with any game there are flaws, it would have been better if the creatures have more complex combat AI and/or better balanced; or more fun game modes and more maps to choose.

The Bottomline is…

Rakion is a fun game to play with its innovative system that has never been repeated despite after 5 years since it was released. Despite the flaws, players will appreciate the console-like action the game has to offer. If you haven’t played this game yet, I suggest that you should try it out. It’s fun and take a different spin from your usual click-and-kill MMOG out there.

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