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Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Bigpoint
Developer:  Bigpoint
Genre:  Strategy

Bigpoint, the German online game publisher, really has a special recipe for making successful simulation games. Given the popularity of its previous works of Farmerama, Ponyrama, Aquarama and ZooMumba, there is a good reason for simulation fans to anticipate that the new simulator Ramacity will not let them down.

Similarly, Ramacity is a browser-based simulation mmo game that is aimed for young and casual gamers. Following the typical city planning, Ramacity presents colorful and beautiful world in which characters are comic and cute, architectures are aesthetic and artistic, and the interface is clean and concise. Besides, the sound is frolic and funny too; sometimes the innocent giggles of in-game character will make one laugh beyond oneself and magically laugh away any worries.

In Ramacity, players will take up the important position as Mayors of their own cities. Small and empty, starting cities have a long way to go before developing and expanding into metropolises, which is the ambitious goal and foremost task of mayors. Players need to plan the outlay of their cities and draw blueprints for future. To materialize the ideology of their cities, players ought to start with infrastructure construction, an important task involving daily facilities such as Residential Domicile, Restaurant, Hotel, Post Office, Hospital, Library, Shopping Mall, Recreation Arena, and so on. Convenience and comfort will invite larger population to settle down, which is an indispensable step for small cities to evolve into densely populated metropolises. To inspect and administrate the whole city, players should use dynamic in-game cameras to see the panorama of cities and keep updated with various activities. As designers and decision-makers, players are able to build their ideal cities which embody their well-conceived urban culture and concept about most liveable habitation.

Apart from creating unique cities, another important task mayors should pay attention is to establish and maintain diplomatic ties with neighboring cities. Socializing and negotiating are equally crucial for city development. In Ramacity, he or she will have to pay goodwill visits to each other’s cities and keep friendly relations for mutual benefits. By diplomacy, mayors can work together for quicker development by sharing ideas, resources and even citizens.

In a world, you are the ultimate city planner. Give full play to your leadership and build up your ideal cities; and more importantly, indulge in hearty laugh with a light heart.


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  8. KDG says:

    This game is still in Beta, and Bigpoint apparently isn't putting any more resources into getting it out of Beta. Problem response is non-existent at this point, Many players who signed up can't even log- in anymore.

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