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Release Date:  2006
Publisher:  gpotato
Developer:  nFlavor
Genre:  Fantasy

Where there is stirring evil, there is surging goodness to keep it at bay; that is the Great Way of the world. There is no good or bad about the warfare itself; all depends on the ultimate purpose it serves. In the world of Rappelz, tension between these two forces is fermented with the outbreak of a war just around the corner.

Rappelz is a free fantasy MMORPG which is developed by Korean Gala Labs and distributed in various regions in the world covering but not limited to Europe, South East Asia, and the Arabic. This game contains a series of related installment in the same setting of a medieval, mysterious world. Players in this game can create characters and choose from three different races, which are the oldest Gaia representing the Four Elements of Nature and its two assistants the Deva and the Asura representing Light and Darkness respectively. All three races further include fifteen distinct races, ranging from warriors and mages to monster tamers. All classes have matched attire, attributes and items. For example, there are three chips listed as Force Chips, Soul Chips and Luna Chips in this game which can be earned and used during battles to enhancing physical or magical damage imposed on enemies.

And this game boasts an amazing pet system. Every player can own their own pets only after they acquire two skills, that is, to summon and control creatures, which can be learned from the early phase in the game. While all classes can tame and raise pets and teach them combating skills to make them helpful in battles, the importance of assistant pets varies to different extents from class to class. Comparably, classes under the category of Warrior and Mega have looser relation to their pets, while Summoners such as Breeder, Spell Singer and Sorcerer have closer bearings with their creatures. Besides, pets can change into different types and evolve twice once they reach a high enough level; and each evolution brings about higher skills and more flexible usage.

To explore this in-game world, players can start from the smaller isle named Trainee’s Island, where they can take simple quests from NPCs to get acquaintance with the environment and gameplay; after that, they can embark on a far journey to the larger mainland. The Mainland is pieced up by several divided areas, around which wander various monsters of similar levels. Players could explore these areas and slay monsters there to gain experience and skills before they are strong enough to venture into dungeons to challenge more dangerous Bosses.

And in Rappelz, players can also join guilds, play various modes of PvP, and conduct many activities like crafting and trading with NPCs. Following its in-depth story, players will find this game worth playing.

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