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Ravenshire Castle Preview

Sara Lau
May 7,2012  10:05 by

Set in the same game universe as the “Raven” series of city-simulators on Facebook, Ravenshire Castle is a hybrid Facebook game revolving around city-building and role-playing.

The Disney-esque animation style drawing creates a vivid fantasy world as if you are in a fairy tale. Brightly-colored cartoon character is allowed to move in more directions than the original Ravenwood Fair. The game enables players to go in full screen with a much higher-definition map, which is much bigger than Ravenwood Fair; and to my surprise, the game runs smoothly even though there were too many on-screen moving objects.

As the game started, a brief background story was narrated via some cut-scenes revealing that I took up the role as a noble lion identified to be a long-lost heir to the Ravenshire kingdom as well as the royal heir of the castle, which has been abandoned over the generations. Basically, I controlled my character to chop down trees and smash rocks to get wood and stone, which are necessary materials for most architectural projects in the game. Removing these things from the land could also set aside enough space for castle expansion. Castle Rank in Ravenshire Castle represents the achievement of player’s castle and can be raised by gradually expanding the castle territory.

Unlike in most city-building games in which players are presented with top-down views based on exterior maps, in this game, players need to place different chambers and customize them using the large assortment of exotic furniture available in shop; in hence, the environment is arranged in a “roofless” viewpoint. Players raise the Castle Rank by adding new chambers and raise the Character Rank by purchasing interior decorative items for their chambers.

Apart from the nice 3D view, the game didn’t bring me much more stunning impression in terms of gameplay after I spent my first few minutes in the game. But as I indulged myself into the game a bit longer, I realized that the game actually distinguished itself with its new “sneak” ingame mechanism, equivalent of PvE and PvP in “Raven” series for the first time.

I loved this creative “stealth-centric” gaming, because it broke up the monotony I online casino experienced in Ravenwood Fair where I essentially dealt with tasks involving repetitive tree chopping and stone mining. The “sneak” mode requires players to infiltrate rival castles to loot currency and special artifacts. The PvE mode came into play when I was prompted to reclaim a lost relic from ancestor from the primary quest. When I started off the quest, I moved my character carefully to avoid being spotted by patrolling guards. Quests items are usually heavily guarded, so timing the patrol routes of NPCs is important. During my Sneaking experience, I was also prompted by the quest tutorial to click on some other objects around me for extra loots.

There is energy limitation pertaining to the number of actions you can take per quest and objects will be deactivated once they are looted.

Besides PvE mode, players are also allowed to travel to other players’ castles to burglarize it. Of course, your opponents can make a large and more complex labyrinth by placing nasty traps, connecting chambers using zig-zag corridors, or deploying more roaming guards.

Overall, Ravenshire Castle isn’t pretty much different from the previous “Ravenwood Fair is. The game style changes are only limited to interior designing from city-building, but the core gameplay still remains unchanged. The “sneak” mode is the highlight of the game, it makes up for the tedious grinding of Ravenwood Fair.

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