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Ravenskye City

Ravenskye City

Release Date:  2011/10/10
Publisher:  lolapps
Developer:  lolapps
Genre:  Social Game

Ravenskye City is an expansion of Facebook game Ravenwood Fair developed by Lolapps, the maker of Ravenwood Fair. Mostly, it feels like Zynga’s Adventure World. For example, you should cut weeds, clear obstacles collect and harvest EXP, Coins, Energy, Stone and Wood.


Ravenskye City is just like a fowl-starred fairytale, in which you land on the world of Ravenskye and take the shape of a cute bird whose airship caught in a storm. There you are to embark on the adventure journey in the company of several helpers to restore an ancient city in the sky.

Such a back story not only serves as a hook to intrigue your interests in the beginning, but also buries a main plot-line around which all following quests, be it exploring or building, are logically and coherently connected to it.

Holding tight to the city-restoration storyline, quests of great variety share certain common features, namely, humor and novelty. No matter whether it is the avatar controlled by you or the NPC playmates unlocked successively in level-up, all in-game characters are not only depicted with lovely and lively looks, but also designed with special personalities. A touch of humor usually sparks out during the quests-assigning dialogues, such as the frazzled yet plucky airship Nick in search of his wrench lost in bushes, or the botanist Annie’s refusal to a man by mentioning ‘he’s way too old for me’.

And don’t worry to get weary to the gameplay, for it is by no means repetitive or overlapping. Every quest takes you one step deeper into the story: you start to clear whatever standing in the way so as to freely walk around, then locate and restore the Wind Temple to stop the rainstorm (the right one that forces you down on this land), then go on exploring in an Awakening Stone Hunt to look for a Totem that will further provide a hint for your next move. Also, your unlocked NPC visitors will offer sort-of interludes (quests) relevant to their character design, for you to complete, such as finding for Annie Freshwort and Ginko Balboa growing in vines to make special potions to drive away pets, or retrieving from the airship debris the Manual for Nick to repair the wrecked airship which can then fly again.

Thanks to its immersive story-imbued contents, you would not even feel the boredom which is usually felt out of click-only operation in it. There are simply a lot to attend to, clicking to chop vines, break rocks, clear debris, restore ruins, harvest Skyeberries, clobber the pop-up Blight Monsters, and so on and so forth. To conduct each activity, your avatar consume Energy, one per action, and receive rewards that may be the Common such as XP, coins, wood, stone and energy, or the Surprise such as collectable cute bugs (butterfly, ladybug, caterpiller, etc), skyeberries (crème soda, compote, cobbler, etc), ancient artifacts (stone bird carving, stone lion idol, owl mask, etc) and more powerful tools (Black Choper to clear ten rocks, Kudzu Killer to down 10 vines, etc), etc. Absorbed in the diversified tasks, you may find yourself possessed by a pure keenness of moving forward, eager to find out what’s to come in the following.

To explore is to pave way for the restoration of the city, so to build is an indispensable part in it. Initially entered, the in-game world is just a dense jungle covered by seemingly endless vines, rocks, ruins and debris, which force upon you the impression of adventure and exploration (which seems afar from the restoration theme); yet you may conceive the heavyset building part immediately when you visit Muninn, an in-game avatar as a pre-set Shining Example, whose Level-16 city has already presented so terrifically different appearance, a real city full of coin-generating facilities and decorations that is hardly imaginable to be built out of the same jungle you are still in. it’s a real shining example, bringing home to you the futuristic blueprint of your growing town and making sense to all the previous exploring effort.

To build, you need cleared lands, resources, energy and sometimes extra materials required specially such as boxes of nails, coils of rope, canvas and Gustones, etc., some of which can be collected, leaving others only available by purchasing from shops for Skye Credits, or directly, for money. With what’s listed in the shop, you can undoubtedly build a boisterous and prosperous city of your own, which consists of Basic Buildings like workshop, theatre and courthouse, Decorations like statues, fountain and arch, and Farming Plot to grow coin-generating plants of Skyeberries, Goldbell and King Melons, etc.

Story-driven quests render Ravenskye City quite appealing, and the state-of-the-art graphics and top-notch sound effects make it even more so. True to the lighthearted storyline, music in it goes in match, greatly vivifying the humorous and cute behaviors of in-game avatars. It’s the same of the graphic which is depicted with a kaleidoscope style, colorful and bright.

Moreover, there is also certain animation, which is shown in avatar’s waving a hammer or axe to chop, vines and rocks diminished gradually under each hack, or dark clouds drifting in the sky to bring about rain storm, etc. Not that the animation is vivid, but rather clumsy a little bit instead. Yet the imperfect of it turns out in an amusing way: it is really funny to see your avatar not walking but kind-of floating on the ground to move around, or it may make you laugh that sometimes your avatar should carry out chopping action towards an empty land when it should turn around to hack the vines there.

All in all, Ravenskye City is really immersive, with its fascinating story-woven quests, beautiful graphics, lovely animation and sweet music. It simply has a knack to make you want more of the game. An hour in it is like a minute.

105 Comments on Ravenskye City


  1. Tina says:

    Ravenskye is alot of fun!!! I just wish for more energy cuz it goes so fast and u cant buy it like in Ravenwood Fair.

  2. Donna Welser says:

    When the game allows me to enter after it loads (which has only happened twice), I love to play the game. It could be one of my favorites. Funny, I have the same problem playing Ravenwood Fair, have not gotten into it for over a month.

  3. Sara J says:

    Great game!

  4. jenni says:

    Love the game..Just wish there was more energy…

  5. Judy says:

    I like it a lot, but would be happy to be able to buy energy like you can in Ravenwood Fair (i.e., without using actual money) and it's a little too hard to get enough wood for building. Otherwise it's great, with soothing, pleasant background music and cute characters.

  6. Renie Zwan says:

    it's a great game I love it,but I wish you can get more energy and also more rocks and why do they give no cash when you go to a higher level

  7. Jeebus says:

    Ravenskye is the mirror image of it's predecessor … Ravewood fair. Ravenskye brings no new elements to the game whatsoover. Both games require you to farm trees and rocks, both games have the same "special" powers of allowing critters to both auto harvest buildings. Game is a copy and paste of Ravenwood fair. I find this assessment both over embellished and pointless.

  8. Nikki says:

    There are not enough ways to get rocks for all of the building you have to do. Needs to have more rocks around. And with no way to get more energy (like in Ravenwood) it takes forever to get the rocks you need.

  9. Jules says:

    I agree that waiting for energy is annoying. The amount of detail is amazing and makes it a pleasure to explore.

  10. abdul hameed says:


  11. Richard Glass says:

    It was easier to buy energy with gathering stuff from the game rather than emptying one's wallet in Ravenwood, but I find the art ambiance better in Ravenskye. I hope that once I get the current real estate cleared and built up that there is somewhere just as interesting to go. Right now is a cross between Ravenwood and Virtual Villagers. Since we're already in the air, mines are out of the question. I guess the only way to go is up.

  12. Darlene Gibson says:

    How do you get the relic expedition?????

  13. Tineke says:

    i can not see my friends on this game|??

  14. nickib says:

    How do i get green gemstones to complete the missions?

  15. noel says:

    this is a great game but it needs more decorations! im level 25 with a town level of 14 (1000 pts away from 15) and ive already had access to all of the decorations since about town level 12 or something. when you visit munnin, he has buildings that arent covered in vines or n the building list. so im wondering, is there more buildings and decorations that become unlocked but are not on the list? if not, there needs to be.

  16. Sue says:

    RC stated 'baseleaves were in my storage but it isn't – how do I get my garden started without it?

  17. Doris Kizilay says:

    Please tell me how to get those windstones. I cannot go on, because I don´t get new missions before finishing this mission I need the windstone for.

  18. kankirella says:

    same problem with Doris… pls tell the solutionnn!!!

  19. Soledad says:

    ya tengo el taller y no puedo construirlo… cómo lo construyo?

  20. k.t says:

    i need gustones dont tell ne i need to buy them?

  21. Walter says:

    I am trying to play Ravenskye City through Facebook but when i try to get to the page I keep getting 504 Gateway Time-out The server didn't respond in time.

  22. Melissa says:

    I have been unable to load the game for a few days now keep getting the message 504 Gateway Time-out

    The server didn't respond in time.

  23. Bernice says:

    I need someone to send me Gustone and I will be happy to send materials back.

  24. Kenneal Finch says:

    Anyone having problems with the flash players and have upgraded them should Clear your cache. Internet options and delete cookies and history. then go to your search – all files and folders – type in prefetch – when it comes up – stop search – double click on the folder – go to edit – select all – then go back to the highlighted blue and right click and delete all. then empty your recycle bin. You will extend your windows ram. then you should be able to go anywhere on the flash screens.

  25. Kywonder says:

    Where do I find the green baseleaves? I can't seem to locate them no matter how hard I try.

  26. nanamurray says:

    how do i get the vines not to grow,,, they just started sproting up out of no were and i cant get them to stop!!

  27. rob says:

    how do u use the totems to open the engin room thanks rob

  28. Deborah says:

    i cant get the game to work now, all it does is sit there and load. Followed instructions to fix it, but still nothing. It is one of my favorite games.

  29. noonspecial says:

    Both Ravenskye and Ravenwood do not load anymore,(since 26th November) on my facebook page. Ravenskye is my favourite game and would dearly love to know what is going on with it. I’ve tried all the ‘fix it’ remedies, new browsers, emptying cache/history/cookies etc, uninstalling/reinstalling the app, uninstalling/reinstalling chrome, running virus programmes, (no viruses). HELP!!!

  30. gai says:

    why quest not starting again

  31. Lenore Busch says:

    I love playing the game, but I think it is wrong for you to stop me from sending gift requests when one of my game friends wants something. It tells me to try again tomorrow as I already sent them enough today. It is so hard to find people who gift back, that you are making the game more of a hassle than fun. Exactly why I quit playing Garden of Time and Adventure world. Hope you reconsider. Lenore Busch.

  32. shellie trustin says:

    I love playing Ravenskye City!I need to add some more neighbors though so if you are interested look me up and i will add you!

  33. Pam M Reddecopp says:

    I am looking for Ravenskye neighbors! please send me a request if you are interested! my name is Pam MacMillan Reddecopp. Thank you!!

  34. iKlone says:

    How does a game like this get such a high rating. Look at the lousy population on this game. Did anyone at all realise, that in this game you are sometimes subjected to 1 or 2 gifts based soley on waiting for skycicles/water orbs to complete a quest.

    The thing is,you have to log in every 4 hours to get the said orbs which can take up to 10 days just to complete 1 quest. As soon as that quest is finished you have to wait another 10 days until you collect all orbs.

    I don't know of anyone that logs in every 4 hours just to complete a quest in a couple of days.

    LoL will tell you it's because there limiting on how fast you can complete the story line as allot of players clocked the game within 1 week period time frame. By that I mean reached level 10o. The level cap is 500 now.

    This game starts off good, but then the game just completely kills itself off with the water orbs and skycicle time wait.

    I do notice one thing about this review is that it's based on first impressions. It's not until you hit the higher levels that you relalise the game was a complete waste to time.

    Ravenskye playerbase is low. though I have a huge friends list on this game only 20 now play.

    Game killed itself. Check the forums. Has the lowest client base on facebook games.

  35. Margaret Thomas says:

    i cannot send gifts and send requests can someone help me please

  36. elizabeth wise says:

    you may need to clean and repair registry. Daughter had same problem.

  37. famchiq says:

    please help…im on level 57..and i dont receive any quest after i finish the first day plant quest..what should i do now??

  38. pinoy portal says:

    hey there and thank you for your information ? I have definitely picked up anything new from proper here. I did however expertise some technical points the use of this web site, as I skilled to reload the web site a lot of times previous to I could get it to load properly. I were wondering if your web host is OK? Now not that I’m complaining, but sluggish loading instances occasions will very frequently have an effect on your placement in google and can harm your quality rating if advertising and ***********

  39. chai says:

    didnt get any quest im lvl 57 no more quest? pls help

  40. Marielou Teho says:

    Hi everyone, I'm newto this game and it looks really nice, but I'm looking for neighbours to add. Does anyone want to be my neighbour ? Please let me now I'll send you a request on FB

  41. lepeltier says:

    je cherche sur ravensky ville de nouveaux amis si vous voulez de moi!

  42. Kara says:

    Can someone tell me where to find Gustone? I need to build the Ancient Dwelling but I can't find it anywhere /:

  43. Kara says:

    Also, if anyone would like to add me as a neighbor let me know!

  44. Barbara Blevins says:

    Looking for neighbors for Ravenskye City. Please send me request. My e-mail is barble@swbell.net. Thanks.

  45. Marisa Horn says:

    I am on Ravenwood and just for the heck of it sent something to Ravenskye not even knowing what it is. Now when I try to play Ravenskye nothing will work. The black bird comes up saying there is something from Ravenwood for me and I have to build Dogwood trading post ? Then I can’t click on anything. The graphics are good just can’t do anything. Advise

  46. irmgard says:

    hello! i play ravenskay now for some time but i can't get the gifts of my friends by messages any more!! can anyone help me!!!!!

  47. Nina says:

    Can I ask something? What kind of building is "Janice"? I have to build it, but i don't know what to build.

  48. lory says:

    come faccio ad acquistare e costruire janice? non lo trovo nel negozio,grazie

  49. mygirl.bindi says:

    LOVE THE GAME PLEASE ADD ME I NEED NEIGHBOURS, I AM A DAILY PLAYER MOST OF THE TIME. MY PROFILE for ravenskyecity is http://apps.facebook.com/ravenskyecity/?ref=bookm

    I also play ravenwood fair and cityvill and garden of time

  50. John says:

    I really love the game, but is there any way to get ahead of everything growing back? Seems like every time I clear some land, the next time I return to the game, it's all overgrown again and I have to waste all my energy to keep clearing the same spots.

  51. Franky Rook says:

    Ieverybody, I just strated playing Ravenskye and need more neighbors, any tips ???

  52. lucy meade says:

    why is ravenskye not loading? i love the game and i cannot play it.
    All this started last night and till now i have not played the game.

  53. marcia says:

    i love to play ravenskye city but you keep cutting down vines and trees and they keep growing back. seems all i work for is in vain.

  54. Joanne says:

    My neighbors aren't getting my requests for gustone. I'm not getting theirs. Nothing to do but chop vines and wait for gifts that never come. What's the trick?

  55. drew says:

    I ascend is there an order for the mini totems when placing them? I ask since I did the 3 or 4 quests & there is nothing else to do up there….. I find most of the quest not really that great….. just a waste of time…

  56. sude says:

    bu ne yaaa hepiniz ingilizce yazmissiniz ravenskye city uyununucok seviom ……….. ko……… bende cok seviom lan diceniz var mi?

  57. Sherry Gobble says:

    The game for the past 2 or 3 days will not allow me to post my game request on my wall…..Can you help or have it fixed??

  58. Shell says:

    Im in need of neighbours… Not having much fun on my own 🙁


    None of my facebook friends play Ravenskye City or Ravenwood Fair anymore. I am stuck with loads of buildings in both games, which I am unable to complete because I have no one to send me the things I need. Can some of you become my facebook friends so we can help each other play these two games, PLEASE.

  60. Sue says:

    I'm at level 70 and my trees and rocks grow back really slow. I have left empty ground for them to grow. Any ideas?

  61. BITEME says:


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