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Real Housewives: The Game

Real Housewives: The Game

Release Date:  August 8, 2012
Publisher:  Eye Wide Games
Developer:  Bravo Media, Eyes Wide Game
Genre:  Simulation

Real Housewives: The Game is an online Facebook game, which does not describe how housewives cook or look after babies at home, but tells a story how housewives live their social life. In this game, players can be the hottest housewives, and fit in well with a certain group of ladies in New York City.


You are a new comer to New York and need to make new friends in various places such as Dinner at Boathouse, Yacht Party and Central Park Festival. You can hold your own parties or be invited to others’ parties. In order to adapt different occasions, you can buy beautiful clothes in the “Outfits”, to join parties of different themes.

At the beginning of the game, there is a tutorial guiding players how to get started with the game. After the tutorial is over, players will do quests to explore the city alone and become real housewives.

Like most of Facebook games, players in Real Housewives are also required to follow the quests to advance in the city. Each quest requires some materials like Style, Buzz, Bliss, Attitude, Friendship, XP or Fashion tip to begin. Where can players earn these specific materials? By clicking the “Hit the City” on the left corner of the main interface, it will show players numerous scenes which are divided into three classes. What the player can do is chat with people after she enters the relevant screen. However, there are around 4 hours to cool down each scene before players restart to chat with all of people in the same place. Though enough diamonds can reduce the cool down time, these diamonds are obtained only with real money.

Each action consumes one point of energy which refills one point every 5 minutes. For most of players, the energy are in bad need all the time because they need to finish quests like flirting, mingling, drinking, repairing friendship or even kicking friends out.

The dialogue of the game is so funny. For example, the quest requires you to talk to a cute guy, and then you accept. The dialogue comes to be that the guy says “You are lovely, but my date is Countess.” His girlfriend comes in and says “Excuse me, darling, but you’re crossing the line.” The instructor just says “Oops. You flirted with the wrong guy. Jacques is LuAnn’s man.” That is so amusing.

Real Housewives: The Game, inspired by the television program The Real Housewives of New York City, is a game that genuinely re-creates the Housewives’ social life through the social networking site Facebook and the result is in line with what was expected.

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