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Realm of Swords

Realm of Swords

Release Date:  October 25, 2012
Publisher:  Tencent
Developer:  Tencent
Genre:  RPG, Strategy

Realm of Swords is a 3D turn-based fantasy mobile game developed by China-based Tencent. In the game, players should build their encampment and form a squad of heroes to fight alongside in the board-game-style battles. The basic gameplay revolves around a few mechanics including turn-based battle, farm management, weapon crafting as well as single-player map expedition.


In the great hall of the King, as the three contenders each hold forth on their right to ascend to the Throne, King Ferris is vilely and traitorously poisoned. Overcome and distraught, Queen Cassandra orders the Royal Guard to clear the Palace so she might grieve for her Husband.

In the dark days that follow, the Realm of Stormvoldt falls into chaos and anarchy. The ensuing battles between the Three Contenders divide the Kingdom into 3 warring territories. Each of the three protests innocence of the deed, and vows to defend their lands and protect their own interests.

Throughout the Realm, many whisper that it is Lucius who struck at Ferris. For was it not Ferris who slew Lucius father in the Great Dark War. Indeed there is good reason to believe that Lucius, now Champion Protector of the Plains of Ebengren, was no friend to the King.

Olaf, Ruler of the Woodland Realm of Brookhaven, is well known to have been a close friend and staunch ally of the King. They fought together as brothers during the long crusade against the Warlord of the Darkness. But there are rumors of a parting of the
Warlord of the Darkness. But there are rumors of a parting of the ways between Olaf and Ferris that ended in Olafs banishment. Many believe Olaf is still angry with the Kings lenient treatment of their foes at the end of the Great War.

In the mountains of Kraglund, the beautiful and mysterious Elena sits regally upon her throne. Though well known for her intelligence and courtly manners, she still strikes fear into the hearts of hearts of many throughout the Kingdom. Unspoken murmurs of magic surround her every move. It is well known that Elena often clashed with the King over strategy during the Dark War. Now she broods in her castle and closes here borders to all comers.

The Queen, waking from her days of hopelessness and despair, opens her eyes in acceptance of her fate. Seeing the devastation that now grips her lands, she moves quickly to control the situation.

As her highest ranking warrior and trusted friend, the Queen grants you lands of your own and assigns to you three great tasks: Restore order to Stormvoldt; Maintain the Peace; Find King Ferris Assassin.

With the blessing and support of the Queen, you must now build your forces, hone your skills, exact justice for the crown, and bring peace to the Realm.


DotMMO is playing Realm of Swords. The full review coming soon!

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