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Realm of the Titans

Realm of the Titans

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Aeria Games & Entertainment
Developer:  Aeria Games & Entertainment Inc.
Genre:  strategy

War leaves no land intact. The mystical continent of Omeka is broken after the narrowly-won war by Guardians against the invading Harbingers. Yet peace does not come along to heal the wounded land, for both sides know that bent revenge will unleash more raging wars, especially with deities of Titans on each side to help. Now the scathingly war-torn Omeka, which can no longer hold the surging confronting powers for rival sides, is split into two separated lands by a chasm, ominous for a new round of warfare in the Realm of the Titans.

Realm of the Titans is a free-to-play action-strategy multiplayer online game around the theme of warfare, which can be categorized under the tag of MOBA game. Following the style of DotA, this game adopts typical MOBA games design, which is presented from the advancement of the storyline to the movements and controls of the character.

As usual, players start with choosing heroes and taking sides. In this game, there are nine playable types distributed unevenly among three different archetypes known as Strength, Agility and Intelligence. Each hero is endowed with unique looks, special attributes and balanced strength and weakness. For example, phantom-looking, strength-oriented Silvar is skillful at wrapping enemies in Creeping Vines, planting Life Seed to enhance health of its own ally, wielding Forest Rage to increase attack and movement speed, as well as apply Overgrowth to immobilize opponents. After selecting their own favorable heroes, players can form teams to launch into the five-versus-five battles. In the dynamic instanced battlefield, teamwork and tactics are highly called for, as five heroes cooperate to proceed across the field with troops of NPC minions spawned constantly to aid in battle so as to take control of the whole map. Those who outperform others will be richly rewarded with points which are conducive to the upgrading and enhancing of heroes’ skills and items.

Besides the DotA-related features, this game also boasts other notable aspects. Its advanced Matchmaking System is much praised, because it spares players the irksome long wait as well as irritable unfairness from competing with remarkably higher levels. To compete against other players or the computer, players will all the same be matched with opponents of similar ranks under this system so as to guarantee equity. Moreover, detailed game statistics and ranking system is commended as well. Players can not only keep track of their performance of every game from concrete statistics, but also can keep an eye on overall ranks on the leaderboard.

Needless to say, the eager to be listed on the top will drive one all the way to give the best in every battle. What’s more, its boss system and achievement system also play important roles in moving the in-depth story march forward.


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