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Realms Online

Realms Online

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If you feel dreadful of the lengthy description about back story and unnecessarily complicated storyline, if you grow weary about trivial, monotonous, slow level grinding without anything exciting and challenging, if all you want is just straightforward fight-it-or-leave-it gaming style, then you would probably be into the game of Realms Online.

Realms Online is an action-packed MMORPG that provides highly competitive combats in a variety of balanced PvP and PvE modes. Without many divergent contents blurring the main goal, this game is tightly revolving around its core theme, that is, combat of combats in multiple levels and with great variety.

As explicitly illustrated in the game, the very first choice players need to make before thrusting into the game is to stand side with one of the three realms of Alsius, Ignis and Syrtis, a choice that would not influence the playing style but draw a line between future friends and foes. After picking sides, players can proceed to create their characters with regards to races, classes, name, appearance and attributes and the like. Each race owns three main classes, namely Warrior, Archer and Mage, two further disciplines per class with ten skills to develop for each. And the class choice will directly decide what type of armor and weapon players could equip their avatars with. Take warriors for example. They can equip themselves with breast plates, pauldrons, gloves, helmets and leggings and have access to weapons with slashing, piercing or blunt attributes.

When the basic information of avatars is confirmed, players can explore the vast maps, normally setting foot on the Beginner’s area first, then moving upward to the Inner Zone, and finally opening the door of the War Zone. During the advancement, doing quests, horning skills and increasing experience points are in the pivotal. Monsters in the PvE battlegrounds are tiered with eight degrees from the bottom No-challenge marked by the color grey to the top Impossible of purple. The difficulty degree will change if players fight not singly but as a member of a clan or a party. While in the PvP battles, players can either play allied competition in the safe zone or engage in more challenging realm warfare in the conflict zone, safeguarding their realm’s stronghold and destroying that of their enemies.

It is said that the chrism of sports consists in that action counts more than talk. It is also true of action games. So just pick up your weapon and show your strength in combat.

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