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Reborn Empire

Reborn Empire

Release Date:  02/08/2012
Publisher:  Digital Chocolate Games
Developer:  SlipShift
Genre:  Strategy

Reborn Empire, also known as Reborn Horizon, is a browser-based strategy game developed by SlipShift and published by Digital Chocolate, a widely known social game publisher with Galaxy Life and Zombie Lane at its portfolio.


In the wake of a nuclear war, the survivors have come together to rejuvenate the contaminated soil. They must employ ancient knowledge and new research, or by any means to restore the life and bring civilians a comfortable settlement.  However, not all survivors are devoted to the cause of others’ well-beings. Some of them gradually begin to conquer the cities and expand  territories around, and loot their resources.


If you found yourself, more often than not, in a generic western-fantasy setting such as Greek or Roman mythologies, and oriental elements like Japanese Samurai cultures and Chinese Martial Arts, you might as well take some different alternatives to those evilly haunted genre.

On February 8, Digital Chocolate unveiled Reborn Empire, a new addition to its social games portfolio. Let’s see if there is any improved feature which can capture the attraction and imagination of gamers off to a tee.

When entering the game for the first time, instead of being requested to choose from available factions and avatars, you are instantly directed to the main game interface where you will find your own city. Is that because the game producer is too lazy even to design any decent thumbnail pictures? What’s even worse is that the game appears to have no plot! Well, I don’t expect a browser game can attain the same height as its client based PC or console based counterparts, which usually have their unique coherent plot lines. But to be honest, now matter how intricate system a game has, it will get boring to most players if there is even no backstory.

Speaking of the graphics, as I said, the idea of Reborn Empire is clone of its predecessors. Don’t expect too much breakthrough, the city map is placed in a nostalgic Top-Down view and the landscapes are vividly and beautifully laid out in isometric perspective, by the standard of web-browser games. Besides, the buttons and menus are presented in well-optimized positions for easy navigation. The music is ok, but what happened is that it’s the only monotonous soundtrack which plays repeatedly since the very beginning of the game and there is no change so far.

As for the gameplay, generally, players will build their own empire on abandoned postwar land, train troops and fight the way through the whole game. Since it is the traditional pattern of most strategy games, veterans won’t have any problems to familiarize themselves with those settings. Even for newbies, the game also has tutorial to help to reduce the learning curve. The tutorial guides players through the initial stage of construction and resource gathering. Starting with a Lv1. City Hall, players need to gradually expand the territory. First, simply follow the instruction and click on the highlighted vacant field to deploy the Junk Yard, which raises the hourly Junk-collection rate. Then going on construction of Breaker, Greenhouse, and Power plant respectively, providing other primary resources that indispensable for your empire. After you have learned how to increase resource productivity, then you will need to know the basic fundamentals of turning your wealth into well tided legions – by starting from recruiting 10 militias. Of course, you can unlock other powerful battle units if certain prerequisites are fulfilled.

To further explore the wild land, players need to click the “terrestrial globe” button on the left-hand side and will be presented with the region map view. You can pillage resource and occupy wild lands, which can further boost your resource production, if you can defeat the deployed neutral armies. Yet battles are just simple and same: you click to send your armies; and depending on the distance players have to wait a certain amount of time before two armies finally close with each other; then you no control no strategy and there is even no attack animation, the battle report will be instantly sent to you to show what exactly just happened in the battle. Once you are strong enough, you can try to attack a neutral stronghold. Get ready for a fierce battle, if you are mighty and lucky enough to survive, you can proudly call yourself the owner of an extra brand new city.

Overall, the game is a new addition to the traditional strategy MMO games and graphics are well polished. However, there aren’t any brand new addictive ideas or systems incorporated in the game, die-hard strategy game fans probably are even bothered to give it a shoot. That’s why the chat window remains deserted most of the time.


– Post-apocalyptic setting
– 3D graphics rendering and animation
– Extensive campaign, event and quest system
– Urban management with “Speed ​​Up” items to shorten the construction period
– Real-time chat and Facebook Connect
– Treasure Hunt

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