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Reborn Horizon Closed Beta Starts, Fullscreen Strategy Browser Game

Sara Lau
Jun 15,2011  03:06 by

Finally, the long wait has come to an end – the Reborn Horizon Closed Beta starts now! I have been chosen to be one of the first to play Reborn Horizon, congratulations! XD….

I was just given a private Closed Beta key and register my Reborn Horizon account using the key.

The first impression on Reborn Horizon is that the game loads slowly, that is partly because of my internet connection, and partly because the game still is imperfect.

Just like SlipShift development team said, “the Closed Beta is an unfinished version of the game and therefore errors and server issues may occur.” “We would kindly ask you to help us improve the game by sending us feedback to support@slipshift.net.”

Reborn Horizon supports fullscreen mode, allowing you to setup audio, and switch language from Germany to English.

You must construct your first building “City Hall”, the heart of your city. Various city management options are available to you in the City Hall along with a production overview. Upgrading your Town Hall increases the number of manageable resource fields.

Below are some Functions of the ingame buildings:

1, Shacks provide your populace with a place to live. Upgrading or building more Shacks will make room for more people.

2, The Scout Tower allows you to detect incoming attacks. Upgrade enables you to detect enemy troops sooner.

3, The Barrack allow you to recruit various units. Higher levels give you access to better units.

4, The Command Center allows you to form squads out of your units and send them on missions. A higher level Command Center allows for more squads.

5, A Trading Post is a gathering place for merchants. Upgrading your Trading Post increases the number of simultaneous transactions available and lowers the taxes on trade.

6, The Radio Station is required in order to join an Alliance. Upgrading to the fourth level allows you to establish your own Alliance. Further upgrades increase the number of potential Alliance members.

7, A Hideout is a place to shield your resources from prying eyes during an invasion. Upgrade your Hideout to increase its storage capacity.

8, The Assembly Plant is the place where Reclaimers are constructed and equipped with all the necessary tools and materials to found new cities.

9, A Silo stores all kind of Resources. Upgrading the Silo increases the amount of resources that can be stored.

SlipShift also stated that they would open the Reborn Horizon forums so we can discuss the game’s content with the developers and fellow Reborn Horizon players.

Reborn Horizon reminds me of another game Rage of Storms

If you like Reborn Horizon, please go to the official website http://reborn-horizon.de/


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