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Red Blood Online

Red Blood Online

Release Date:  
Developer:  Gorilla Banana

Red Blood Online is developed by Korea-based Gorilla Banana. The game features a lot like dungeons exploring and brawling, items gathering, and weapons crafting, etc. And it focuses more on adventure, rather than monsters killling.

This is one of the possible futures of the Earth, in which impeding disaster begets four existent countries scrambling for unquestionable dominance over the whole planet by making full use of a genetically-modified new human race that can be paid to serve as mercenaries for any faction. This future is rehearsed in the virtual world of Red Blood Online.

Against the next-generation setting has emerged Red Blood Online, a 3D free to play action MMORPG that has grounded its backstory and artistic graphics on the namesake comic series which enjoy popularity for years in domestic Korea and abroad too. From the abundant screenshots released online, the in-game graphics are exquisite, true to the manga style, no matter it is the rusty iron-coated train winded-up by liana partly parking in the shimmering tunnel against a wall of Virginia creepers or varied characters in all shapes and figures, weapons in hand, ready to have a good fight. In a nutshell, graphics are stunningly satisfactory, vividly transferring a static comic world into a dynamic stage for great stories to play.

In the instanced world, players will take the very role of Mercenary to be hired and paid by any of the four opposing countries, that is, Victoria with the longest history of human civilization, Kulitie largely reliant on alliance support, Normu as a new independent commercial center, and the God-worshipping Peiladulia. Mercenaries will take quests to win rewards and level up through combat.

With gradual upgrading, players will be able to create more mercenaries to form a family that can share the same warehouse among all members. As to the core play of combat, the non-targeting attack mode is employed in this game, requiring a certain amount of skills in operation but meanwhile offering a large extent of freedom to give full play to one’s own style. Attacks can be launched in Strengthened form or in consecutive fashion; passive defenses such as dodging skills can be cast with different degrees of luck; and various skills, if excised simultaneously, are able to generate special Combo effects with dazzling visual sensation.

To make the control over avatar more perceptible, changes in action and direction of the character are subject to the battle situation with monsters or enemies. When players get exhausted in fighting, this instanced world allows them to retreat to their camps to have vigor restored immediately. Besides, this game also boasts an automatic generation system, in which players can even freely create new maps of their own to take a risk or adventure.

Already under development for five years, Red Blood Online is now worked on for its closed beta testing, which is perhaps available in September of this year. Based on the released trailer and screenshots, smooth gameplay in a terrific world is what players can safely expect from it at least. Will the Boss be challenging enough to worth one’s steel, or will the pets tamed out of normal monsters be helpful in combat?  You have to wait and check out by themselves.

Tips: From the screenshots, Red Blood Online takes on a lot of Mark Online, a korean mmo that may be coming this year.

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