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Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Synapse Games
Developer:  Synapse Games

Redshift is the newest space-themed web MMO by Synapse Game (War Metal: Tyrant), in which you are put in the cockpit and experience the epic adventurous battles between human and machine.


When you enter the game for the first time, there is a progression course that teaches you the basic control, which features the simple “click to move” system. You will need to spend a huge chunk of time within the confines of your ship’s cockpit. Generally, you travel through space from planetoids to planets which are owned by different factions. When you dock with their bases, you can buy equipment, repair your ship, or get quests. Completing quests assigned by different factions can promote your corresponding reputation level. As the reputation level increases, some unique items can be unlocked. There is no intricate storyline except for quest brief, no grand exploration, or any other typical aspects of MMO games. So, you may surmise, Redshift is an action-packed space combat game.

Battle scenes are laid out in 2D outer space with objects and aircrafts rendered in 3D. But technology seems to be not advanced enough to be used to render complex 3D objects in the web browser-powered game, the model of objects lack in detail compared to those in client-based 3D MMOGs and as a result the game becomes very repetitive with the same-looking scenarios. Players are also not allowed to change the view angle except for zooming in/out or panning the camera.

The core of the game experience is of course your ship. There are four classes of ships in the game- frigate, destroyer, cruiser and battleship, and there are dozens of ships in each weight class. You start the game with a frigate class ship, and gain access to others by purchasing from Armory for coins or premium currency when level prerequisite is met. Also you are able to outfit your ships whatever you like with different parts, the more advanced the class, the more customization slots the ship has, which means more weapons, engines, and other components can be squeezed into it. There is a pretty good variety of customizable parts and those options are great. The higher class ships deals much damager to a lower one, but it’s feasible for smaller-sized ship to destroy a bigger one using appropriate tactics. You can own more than one ship; you can choose which ship you want to command at any time even during the mission progress.

Combat in the space is a blast, and you always confront with other players who try to blow you away in missile and laser skirmishes. Sometime I did not even get worked up when some council frigates popped out from the hyperspace jump gate right next to me and lit me up. On the negative side, there are no real PVE battles. You spend your time in the cockpit all the time in a non-MMO single player model and travel between planets to get mission from main bases. Those quests entail you to destroy a number of non-NPC enemy fleets, scan a number of asteroids from which you can gather a specific amount of resources and components, retrieve the useless remnants of destroyed ships, or fly a patrol mission through space, and so on. These quests are really time-consuming and repetitive. If you are looking for some epic battles against bosses, then you will be sorely disappointed. The thrust of the game is to piece together coins, resources and components and use them to buy bigger ships and devastating weapons.

Overall, the 2D space combat is superb and thrilling and I can not get enough of it. However, the lack of interesting quests and PVE does reduce the fun of gameplay. Furthermore, because of the restriction on applying 3D effect on Facebook games, the various ships and building are not vastly distinguished in details; and during the combat, the animation of missile and beam shots is simply, the ship explosion effects are also not satisfying.

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