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Release Date:  2011/5
Publisher:  QiWan (China)
Genre:  RPG, Strategy, Webgame

With the arrival of “Reignage”, the fantasy-themed browser game has now become a worldwide trend. Indeed!  The next generation gaming is coming!

Reignage, a not perfect – and maybe, a copycat – strategy game is built around the city building and role-playing in an attempt to copy the success of Indomitus, and Batheo. More specifically,  The popularity of Reinage was a credit to its scorchingly controversial browser MMORPG World of Lordcraft, which has cruelly plagiarized Blizzard’s copyrighted contents and artworks.

Although Blizzard took legal action and cracked down on China based 齐玩, forcing the domain www.WorldofWarcraft.com to redirect to Battle.net/wow, still the game Lordcraft is out there with a new domain at www.lordcraft.com.

My experience:

After 30 minitue tutorial, I finally completed the prolonged and tedious loading and loading. Congratulations on my 100% Burning Village.

If I am not in the position of covering new games, I won’t go that deep into the game. And even I got Ruby when I  levy taxes on my people. Actually I was confused by the 35% Burning Village, but after a quick recall, I remembered an impressive arrow targeting the path where I will have to move on to.

The game is slighly different from I mentioned before, because you need to deploy your troops to march the target step by step, namely XX % progression. During the battle, you will automatically fight monsters and creatures you entoutered once you activated your hero.

It should be noted that you need to cost some merit or rune of Inspiration to inspire your hero in order to win battle.

Hero System:

As far as I know, all Chinese Browser MMOs, no matter in form of Strategy, RPG, MMO, are characterized by a Hero System. Your hero will consume resources.

Equipment System:

Never refine or compose gems in order to enhance equipment, but directly upgrade equipment with resources and other items.

Battle System:

Build troops, and let your hero to lead them to fight enemies! This is a basic mode that Chinese MMOs work the way. In Reignage, rather than you simply dispatch your troops to an unknown land without any predictable battle results, but you should take Formation strategy into consideration. That means you will have to deploy your troops according to the ever-changing condition. There are 5 heroes can be deployed for a battle in all.

Dungeon System:

Like TransForce, Edragon, Reignage primarily features the dungeon system where you can fight powerful bosses. Upon completion of the dungeon quest, you will get rewarded handsomely in an impetus to challenge more powerful bosses.

The strategy and fantasy game Reignage just convinced me by its incredibly detailed graphics, exciting missions and an infinite level system for the characters. If the game does not involves in copyright infringement, that is a game I would recommend.

Strategy Tips and Guide:

1.Construction: Upgrade your Blacksmith to Level 2. The cooldown time for buildings displays on the left side of the game panel. The more times you’ve upgraded your buildings, the longer time is required for cooldown.

2.Training: You can choose the training mode for your hero. Besides, you can consume Merit to inspire the hero. Please be aware that the hero’s level can’t be higher than the Castle’s. As a non-VIP player, you can choose Normal Mode and Advanced Mode to train your heroes, while VIP players can choose Deluxe Mode, Platinum Mode and Diamond Mode to train heroes besides the above two modes.

3. Buy and Enhance Equipment: Click Blacksmith to enter the Shop. Then purchase Copper Dagger at Level 1. Enhance it to Level 2. Each enhancement costs you five minutes for cooldown. (the MP is 100% when your Castle is at Level 9)

4.Conquer NPCs: Conquest is the highlight of the game. Click Conquest icon on the bottom right side of the game panel and switch to the conquest map. You have to defeat NPCs by sequence. First, select the troop and attack it. Then you’ll see the battlefield where the attacker begins the battle. After the battle, click City icon on the bottom right of the game panel and continue to upgrade Altar of Heroes and Blacksmith. You can see the cooldown time for conquest displays on the top side of the game panel. Each conquest needs time to cool down. The more times you have conquered in the battlefield, the longer time it takes you to have a rest.

5.Guild: Click Guild button on the bottom of the game panel. Select a guild to join. Of course, selecting a guild at higher level is a better choice. Besides, you can create a new guild to your wish by spending Merit*100.

6.Power Up: Click the Army button and select a hero to power up. There are three modes to power up the hero. You can power up the hero by spending Merit or Ruby. Of course, the most economic way is choosing the Advanced Mode by spending Ruby*2. Then the stats of the hero would probably increase. As for VIP players, Platinum Mode is the best choice for powering up heroes.

7.Levy: you can levy for 12 times and 3 additional levy times in spring. You can gain relevant gold according to your summed up levels and quantities of Houses. You also get some chances to obtain Ruby*10. We suggest you that you should levy after your upgrade your Houses, then you’ll gain more gold.

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3 Comments on Reignage


  1. James says:

    I am on the game, and I have come to a place where i have no barracks or people that will fight for me.. i have no idea what to do next.. if you have any information it would be greatly appreciated

  2. tim says:

    get through the conquest part and you will get your buildings back one by one includig your barracks

  3. YourGhost says:

    The game is now closed… it's no longer exist.

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