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Remanum Gameplay Preview

Sara Lau
Jun 22,2011  02:06 by

Remanum is a high quality multiplayer online trading game that you can play for free right in your browser. You are one of thousands of traders, who travel 20 cities around the Mediterranean in the era of the Roman Empire, in order to accumulate wealth and prestige. Each round lasts six months and at the end of the round, players will be crowned as Emperor, empire’s most respected citizens. To reach this goal, you will need to increase your production, sell your products and items to accumulate as much as profits, and finally you can make good use of your wealth for the benefit of all fellow citizens and your area.

Take control of the trading markets

In Remanum you can accomplish your goals in very different manner: first and foremost, your goal is to be a respected citizen in your hometown. That means you should build your private property, produce goods and try to sell them. Later, you play with thousands of players around the Mediterranean in an attempt to exploit the trading market in your favor. Of course, your opponents have the same interests in this field. Thus it creates an exciting competition for scarce goods, the best prices and the reputation is closely associated with the success.

A true inventory control system with open market

Remanum offers a unique economic system: every trade, every sale, every requirement is covered by the trading system and global market changes constantly according to prices and demand in markets around the Mediterranean. With the tools of an open trading market, each player can pursue his or her goals and generate and gain the maximum income. Always remember: A business that was lucrative yesterday does not stand for what it is tomorrow.

Your Property – the heart of your success,

To celebrate the initial success in Remanum, you will need goods and a well-filled wallet. Therefore, your first objective is to expand your personal property. You can build several plants that produce simple or basic goods to further process your valuable commodities. In addition, you can sell your goods to market in your hometown. After the initial success, you can invest your money in your businesses or expansions in complex processing chains.

The higher the cost, the higher the profit

Remanum provides a very powerful system of production: All operations are performed automatically as long as they are adequately supplied with the necessary ancillary products and corresponding space in the warehouse. The player’s goal is to build the most effective production chains, in which all businesses operate with maximum efficiency. For the most valuable commodities you need many different businesses that need to work together optimally. You can also need intermediates in the markets of the world and thus you should keep your bargain for flexible production.

Build your buildings

Every building in Remanum can be expanded and improved like Senatry and Caesary. You are able to decide to offer sophisticated products in the future –  and then you need to utilize them and expand production of quality goods according to your business. Also in your function building marketplace, warehouse and dock you have to spend your time regularly, thereby you gain growing wealth and reputation.

Go into politics – power to make money

Wealth alone does not count in Remanum. To be able to climb up the critical reputation ranking, you have to donate goods and money for your city. In addition, you should get involved in politics within your area – Just ready to be elected as senator? Politicians gain immense prestige and have power over the expansions of the city. The most prominent senator will be crowned as the Emperor at the end of a round.

The city – the center of power

In your hometown, there are many different functional buildings, which affect all citizens and players in the city. It is therefore extremely important that you work together with your fellow players advancing this expensive but useful city expansions.

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