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Remnant Knights

Remnant Knights

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Gamesamba
Genre:  MMORPG

Remnant Knights is a free-to-play, 3D, anime-style MMORPG published by GameSamba behind Tribal Trouble 2. Set in a school-themed fantasy background, the game intends to gather casual gamers all together, especially the students to interact with each other in a club, and even they are able to go fishing and raise pets for fun.


In the new world called Kasmari, people are worried about the threat from Skalari, a large group of monster invaders. In order to save the frail world, two rival schools are formed to teach new students how to protect their homeland.

Against the campus setting, players enroll into two opposing schools, the Dragon Academy that believes in science and the Owl Academy that worships magic power. To start, players can choose among three classes listed as Magician, Gunner and Fighter in the 1st grade, a stage for newbies under level 10. After that, they can upgrade to the 2nd grade by visiting headmaster for a promotion test, which requires killing a large number of monsters in combat area. If the test is passed, players can choose to assume the majors as Priest, Elementalist, Dual Gunner, Heavy Launcher, Striker or Crasher. Each with specific weapons, all the characters specialize in both single- and multiple-target skills.

Well-prepared with powerful skills learned and horned at school, players can give full play to what’s learned in various PvP modes, including player vs. player, party vs. party, club vs. club, and even school vs. school, which will not only earn winners quick reputation but also reward them with mysterious gift boxes. In addition to the self-achievement in PvP, Remnant Knights also underscores the socialization among players. At level 10, players can receive from the Dean their own dorm, which can be decorated with furniture and visited by friends. Besides, they can also create or join clubs, similar to guilds, and club members can support each other in adventures.

Be it preppy-styled character or the school-themed storyline, Remnant Knights is targeting on students. Yet with cute graphics and relaxing combat, grown-up keen on casual gamerplay may also love this game.

6 Comments on Remnant Knights


  1. arcticfish says:

    this game is one of my favs, but becomes way too grind oriented after lvl 15

  2. Sina says:

    This is the game i'm playing now, love the anime style also Marble battle is really fun! GMs are always on and real friendly as well.

  3. Teina says:

    i love RK!~

  4. unoobbro? says:

    Awesome game, way better than other anime style mmos like eden or fiesta.

  5. luckygalle says:

    this game is a browser based game (very sad)

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