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Renaissance Heroes

Renaissance Heroes

Release Date:  February 19, 2012
Publisher:  ChangYou
Developer:  Bridea
Genre:  MMOFPS

Face off in classic Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, revisit capture the flag in Seize the Scrolls, hold the line in Domination, fly into the enemy base in Touchdown, or settle the score with a friend or foe in Duel. Learn the maps and modes before heading into PVP by testing your skills and loadouts against enemy AI.

But be sure to tinker with your loadouts to find that winning edge. Equip power-ups for that added health, armor, or damage increase. Tune weapons to fit your play style. Mow enemies down with the all purpose machine gun, keep your distance with the long range crossbow, crash the party with the rocket launcher, or get up close and personal with the hammer and its sprint.

Renaissance Heroes, originally known as DaVinci Online, is now published in North America and Europe by ChangYou and available on GameFuse.com. It offers a unique shooter experience and players are able to explore environments straight out of sixteenth century Europe in search of the blueprints to Leonardo da Vinci’s mysterious “Machine”.


Renaissance Heroes, a first-person shooter MMO made by Korea-based Bridea, is set against the then prosperous metropolises of Europe back in the sixteenth century, namely, the Renaissance period. The grand map depicted in the game is rich in European architecture and landscapes embedded with features of that time, which is probably drawn out of inspiration from the real photographs of Europe, whose skyline is decorated by dome-roofed Cathedrals and spike-shaped clock towers. And in it, players are able to travel to famous cities such as Milan, Istanbul, Genova, Florence and Sicily Island, etc.

Against the epochal background of Renaissance, Renaissance Heroes keeps the main storyline surprisingly simple that players firstly choose between two factions, that is, the Pope hoping to maintain the status quo versus the Republic eager to shape a new world, and then fight to defend their own choice. Surely players can customize their characters, no matter as merchants, scientists or adventurers, into unique images, blessed with catchy looks and caliber talents.

What should be given more spotlight is the armed weapons, some are designed on the basis of DaVinci’s design drafts. Weapons like Hammer, Machine Gun, Rail-gun, and Rocker Launcher are accessible to all at the very beginning, which will not only protect rookies from inferiority in equipment but also create a battle ground where the best shooter wins instead of a lousy man with best items.

And players are free to choose and switch between two different modes of controlling weapons: clicking the left mouse button is regular attack and the right is special attack. For instance, hacking enemy in short distance is the regular usage of a hammer while tossing the hammer-head away like throwing a grenade to hit rivals in a distance is its special attack; and the special attack of Rocket Launcher is the emission of missile if in difficult launching position. The whole gameplay is fast-paced and also rhythmic.

When engaging in fierce battles, avatars’ move speed will slow down by a half for the sake of beginners, but avatars can also choose to use Sprint function to move fasters so that veteran players can enjoy the game to fullest extent as well.

Renaissance Heroes also provides various gaming modes at different difficulty levels, which include Bot Mode, PvE, Single and Team Death Flag, Death Match, and so on. From easy to challenge, players can first play Bot, sort-of learning and practice tutorial by fighting AIs, to get familiar with the gameplay and operation system, then team-up to kill monsters in PvE for completing certain missions, and finally engage in the Death Flag and Death Match against each other to indiscriminately massacre.

Simple storyline, engaging graphics and stimulating shooting combine to make Renaissance Heroes possible.

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  1. lee says:


  2. Chris says:

    Neat concept!

  3. LotusBlade says:

    If you like very fast gameplay where is no time to even turn around, when you are killed in 0,2 seconds from unknow direction and then called "Idiot!" by special real cash enemy player's emote – this game is for you. Legit offence – good… Not.

  4. tflowerpowr says:

    Changyou will be re-launching Renaissance Heroes on 2/19/13 after finishing its beta period. You can can expect more exciting content and cool new features. Be sure to check this out!!!

  5. bruno99 says:

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