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Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Aeria Games
Genre:  MMOFPS

Repulse (Previously Genesis A.D) is a 3D MMO Shooter from Aeria Games, the publisher of Eden Eternal and Golden Age.  The game was published by ijji in April, 2011, and in November 3, 2011 Aeria Games take over the distribution rights and bring it into North America and beyond. Its open beta will be scheduled to launch in early 2012. Currently, Repulse accepts Closed Beta testing signup, so if you want to gain a sneak peek of this sci-fi masterpiece, don’t hesitate to visit its official page!


Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Repulse takes you to an uninhabitable Earth as a result of constant warfare and severe pollution. Consequently, you are forced to emigrate to another planet, only to find out that you are not welcome by hostile aliens. Thus, you are doomed to take part in a soul-stirring yet inevitable war. Pluck up courage, take up ultra-modern weapons and fight for your survival!

Repulse stands out from other first-person shooters in many aspects, such as advanced weaponry, fast-pasted gameplay, tactical combat and much freedom. First of all, you can switch among three playable races, namely, Assault, Sniper, and Engineer. Each class has its own fighting style. To be specific, an Assault is skilled at wielding shotguns and rifles to launch aggressive attacks against his enemies; a Sniper boasts high precision in shooting opponents at a long distance and he is also good at covering himself up; and an Engineer is popular in a team because he can support his teammates with much-needed energy points and hit points. In a word, the three professions are complementary to each other. To win a battle, you have to build a diversified united squad, respond quickly to enemy attacks and adopt insightful tactics in combat.

Repulse also provides you with a wide variety of game modes, including Demolition Mode, Deathmatch Mode, Capture the Flag etc. All of these can keep you busily engaged in thrilling activities and cutthroat quests. Join in extensive matches, beat back hordes of aliens, break down your foes’ base and showcase your wisdom and capability!

In addition, you can also equip your gallant warrior with numerous types of equipment, ranging from high-tech weapons and ultramodern armors, which can be unlocked and achieved through outstanding performance. Though the developer has not confirmed it yet, we are sure that it will be possible to purchase some special equipment with real cash in the game. In this way, you can have access to some exclusive skills, thus owning an advantage over other unpaying players. Anyway, this is just one of our speculations.

When it comes to the graphics, we can’t help but giving full credit to Repulse’s developer. The maze-like settings, realistic characters as well as exquisite items are all easily capable of giving us a feeling of deep immersion. As long as you set foot on the battleground, you can throw everything else away. The virtual world is exactly your oyster!

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  1. htyh says:

    best game but genesis AD was a cooler name

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