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Revolution 2050

Revolution 2050

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Lakoo
Developer:  Lakoo
Genre:  Strategy, Sci-fi

Revolution 2050 is an iOS strategy game set in the futuristic world where you build your own empire, assemble army and fight for the precious resources.


It is the year 2050 and the United States government has fallen under the power of a corrupt corporate tyrant. Religious zealots spread fear and terror across the land and a madman has taken over the U.S. military, while a vast crime syndicate plots the unthinkable and gangs run wild in the streets.

The United States is divided.

It’s time for a Revolution. Take control of a city and build up your army. Do battle with 5 unique factions and 5 deadly gangs.

Manage resources, build structures and improve your city.

Recruit powerful officers and take down your enemies in over 100 unique story missions, or go online and take on other players head-to-head in your quest to reunite The United States of America.


Revolution 2050, set in a near future when the United States of America fell apart, is a dull simulation game that features remarkably fluent and exciting control.

Pitting players in construction, management, and battles, Revolution is not novel or original in offering a city for players to set up various facilities and upgrade them. Command Center which determines the overall competitiveness, City Hall which decides how much is your revenue, Tech Lab that develops the vehicles, Factory that produces vehicles and engines of wars, Barracks where you train troops, Academy where you recruit commanders, Research Center where you explore advanced military technology, and Power Plant that supplies power for you base. Nothing seems special at all on that front.

What differentiates Revolution 2050 and other strategy games is its fluid dragging control coupled with the flipping operation which collectively make all those boring stuff seem intriguing once more. Also, this game exposes players to a special combat mode. To collect steel bars, for example, you are supposed to attack Miner and the Scavengers, which are bases on the map. Spot the target bases, click your city, and your commanders appear on the bottom right of the interface. Click one of the commanders, determine the battling formation by dragging the desired units to the appropriate positions, press your finger on the units that present themselves on your city, slide your finger across all target bases and then flip DONE. Actually, you won’t be able to witness the combat process. All you can see is your units walking along the path you have designated. And when they pass the target bases, you will be notified of the battle reports. You’d better make quick decisions because the target bases automatically change their locations all the time and sometimes when your units arrive at the required location, the base is no longer there.

Presented in fine and detailed graphics, Revolution 2050 has its charm, though having a lot to improve in terms of base management.


-Two ways to play: Multiplayer Online or Single Player Campaign!
-Over 100 exciting missions to conquer!
-Recruit over 50 unique officers to control your armies!
-Various battle combination layouts!
-Rich storyline with 5 different factions to battle and 5 deadly gangs to defeat!
-Powerful equipment to strengthen your officers and their armies!
-Manage resources, build structures and improve your city!
-Unlock and upgrade powerful units including sniper, stealth and bomber…

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