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Release Date:  03/2012
Publisher:  Mail.ru
Developer:  Mail.ru

RiotZone is a comic style browser-based MMO developed by Mail.ru, and it will be released in the spring of 2012. The game plunges players into a civil war-torn land where they can experience action-packed battles, and fight the way to victory.

In RiotZone, players are encouraged to engage in ferocious tactical combat in a tropical setting. With short game sessions, during which gamers single-mindedly adopt the special skills of their units, RiotZone is especially appealing to casual gamers. The comic style and exaggerated characters offer a pleasant distraction from conventional strategy games. RiotZone is free to play and does not require a client or installation.

Revolt in the Jungle

In Merania, civil war is raging. Two rival organizations have declared war on the Dictator: the fighters of the Scarlet Alliance are striving for the rule of the people, and are known for their fanaticism. The Crown Coalition prefers a cold-minded, business-like approach. As commanders of mercenary squads, players place themselves in the service of one of these organizations. Leading bold forays, planning ambushes, intercepting convoys or capturing military bases – a leader has a lot to do! There is also no time to rest between fights either. Commanders are in charge of setting up camp, gathering resources and training their units; they control the finances and provide new equipment. From level five on, players can use a multitude of enthralling PvP options such as team combat or invasions of enemy territory. Mass battles will decide who takes control of the game zone.


RiotZone begins with a set of comic Illustrations explaining the background story before revealing the two factions Scarlet Alliance and Crown Coalition will fight against the dictator. You must choose a side to dedicate yourself in the cause of overthrowing the dictator and finally liberate Merania, a small state under the rule of tyrants.

The tutorial goes smoothly as a sexy girl walks you through the game as a whole, and what you need to do is read the presentation and click the flashy point. Most of the time, this tutorial works well for new strategy players. And once you’ve finished the tutorial, you will get rewarded.

The fighting in RiotZone comes directly in your first training and you just need to click the “Fight” Button and the fighting will automatically begin in a different interface (battlefield map). Although the fighting is automatically executed after you trigger the “Fight”, you can use some extra items and supplies to boost your attack. For example, you can use grenade and help your character win the battle at a higher chance. If you are unluckily injured, you can also “Field Medical Kit” to instantly heal your soldiers. Even you can summon an Air support to help bomb enemies. They are all animated

It should be pointed out that to participate in combat operations, your mercenaries require energy. Every mission expands one energy point. Energy is restored every 15 minutes, and for VIP player – every 5 minutes. But you can also manually replenish energy bar by spending your real dollar.

As you progress, your enemies will become more, so you need to hire a comrade or mercenary.

The preparation level of each mercenary is reflected in the color of the disc under his portrait. When a mercenary signs a contract with you, he needs to be assigned to a squad, so he can go on a mission.

Mercenaries are just like heroes in other games, and they possess some basic attributes such as Precision, skill, speed, stamina, and success. Upon the completion of your missions and victory of battles, your mercenaries will have some development points that can be assigned to the attributes respectively. This part is much like the MMO we played, but it is slightly different as you can buy such development points for a quick success. I was assuming it may hurt the whole gaming system as in the later part, players could join PVP battle. To some extent, it reminds of Chinese MMOs using the principle of “Pay to Win”.

Apart from armor, weapons, ammunition and charms available in shop, you can also purchase “VIP Membership” in the premium shop. VIP membership is not permanently effective and it has been classified into four levels: 3 Days, 14 Days, 30 Days and 90 Days. If you are a player who love fighting and battle, this service may help you gain more chances to fight. During your membership period, your authority increases; your energy upper limit doubles; restoration time is reduced and work hours double, and etc.

Building is also a strong point. A workshop supplies you with resources by which to build up your camp. Hangar increases the amount of money received from a Successful raid, and also increases the production speed of the remaining buildings. Patrol tower reduces the amount of money seized in the event of a successful raid on you and also reduces the amount of damage received from air strikes and rocket attacks.

Despite the comic-style visual designs, RiotZone does not use too much inventive elements, nor it deliver a real strategy builder or RTS like Command and conquer: Tiberium alliances. But it is surprisingly impressive if you are tired of fantasy mmo games.

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