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Rise of Europe

Rise of Europe

Release Date:  August 22, 2012
Publisher:  Travian Games
Developer:  Perfect World
Genre:  Strategy

Rise of Europe is a free to play strategy browser game developed by China-based Perfect World and published by Travian Games, one of most famous browser game makers behind Travian, Remanum and Battlemons.

Europe, in a time long past: the single most powerful family commanding the fate of an entire kingdom, fell apart. Those remaining were now fighting for dominance. Among those, the most influential were: The Tudors, The Fugger, and the Medici.

After countless bloody and draining battles, the distribution of power finally lost its balance forever. The head of your family entrusted you with the task to lead the fallen land back to prosperity. A beautiful princess has been sent to assist you in restoring the former strength of your family. In the middle of this day and age, your story begins…


Rise of Europe seems like a derivative game – borrowing three factions from Chinese Three Kingdoms,  fighting animation from Batheo or Epicx and the rest from Evony. The result is, as expected, not bad.

The moment you see the game’s official web page, you can pretty much predict what kind of gaming experience you will encounter. Yes, Rise of Europe is another strategy title where players construct and upgrade dozens of buildings and try to strengthen their power to kill all the enemies.

Most parts of the city are divided into grids, on which you can construct dwellings, barracks, training hall, smithy, storehouse, and others. To have more people working for you, make your city prosperous, and have access to more items and functions, you have to upgrade both your buildings and the levels of your lord and heroes – which are hired in the tavern you build.

Unlike most strategy titles or social games where only a tiny land is offered, with expansions and territory purchases to be expected in later experiences. In Rise of Europe, you have this large city from the get-go, and just gradually fill it with assorted structures.

Some structures and decorations don’t need construction or upgrades, such as Tourney, Arena and Hall of Fame. You will gain access to those structures as you level up. Interestingly, the arena isn’t exactly the place where you can challenge other players. You enter the Arena to battle against increasingly powerful hordes of enemies. Every time you finish such a round, you have to wait for a few minutes before you can challenge the next group.

Since the battles are all automatically performed, the combat result depends on your strategy, including the formation you choose, and the armors you equip on your heroes. The battle itself isn’t very attracting though. Two groups of soldiers rush from two sides to the middle of the fields and try to slay all of the opposing party. The only thing amusing, and at the same time annoying, is that the enemies try to escape when only a few of them are still alive and of course, your army would chase them. Sometimes all those characters just disappear from the interface, with only the icons on the mini map at the bottom indicating the progression.

And Tourney offers a place where you can challenge other players and obtain fame and glory. The PVP battle is also automatic. And the best part of it is not the combat itself but the fact that you can copy the link after a battle so that other players can watch the videos of your battles and share your happiness, or sorrow, or you can just learn how to sharpen your skill by admiring others’ battles.

Yes, the endless buildings and upgrades kill curiosity and interest. And the upgrades take much longer in further advances, but you don’t have to worry about the long waits. You have a lot to do during that time. For example, research technology, produce city defense tools, challenge players, defeat waves of enemies, try your luck in the Lottery, fulfill lord quests and prosperity quests, or click characters inside the city to hire experts or deal with random events.

Rise of Europe offers rich visuals and game contents, but we have seen diversified gameplay fused in several titles, for example, Wartune. And it is a shame that the game still uses the tiny texts and sometime fails to display parts of sentences which are supposed to convey key information.

5 Comments on Rise of Europe


  1. i am waiting beta key… really see nice

  2. atom32 says:

    I received a beta key because I played imperion. Do you want it ? I will not play this game.

  3. alex says:

    Travian has employees taht play in-game, posing as players (they are not tagged as TG or anything), that receive monthly free stuff (normal players have to buy diamonds). For example, on one server, two of those employees have occupied the top 2 positions, so far ahead that nobody can touch them. Both are in the same alliance (so the server is just a large farm for them) and whenever someone get close o them they attack and/or exile the poor bastard.

    I wrote to support about this, as i see this kind of tactics unethical at best (especially since those people are not tagged and they also are allowed to participate actively in-game) and they answered me, saying that yes, they are Travian employees, they do have a monthly "game budget" and that it's a standard practice LOL. So yeah, go play this game if you're craving for frustration (see the Travian employees jumping in strength, over the course of one night, as much as you'd gain in 2-3 months… and then go in and destroy you). Fun fun fun…

  4. Sander says:

    how i can play rise of europe pls

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