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Rise of Immortals

Rise of Immortals

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Petroglyph Games Inc.
Developer:  Petroglyph Games Inc.
Genre:  action

Are you still lingering over the mysterious landscape suspending in the air depicted in the game of Guardians of Graxia with no intension to convert attention to other games? Of course, you are not to blame since that game is immersive and addictive. Yet how will you react to the news that another fantasy game around the corner starts 300 years later right after the events of Guardians of Graxia? Well, let’s spare the tormenting suspension; its name is Rise of Immortals.

Rise of Immortals is developed by the same Petroglyph Company and set in the same setting of World of Graxia; yet it is supposed to be different from, or better than GOG. Maintaining similar fantasy setting and high-end 3D graphics, Rise of Immortals applies real-time strategy rather than the turn-based style; meanwhile it also expands console-game style of GOG to a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, similar to Defense of the Ancients (DotA 2, Blizzard DotA), in which players of two competing teams control units of heroes fighting and destroying rivals’ bases. Like other typical battle arena games, it is characterized with action-strategy elements, but it also introduces new innovative features of socialization which allow players to roam around the in-game social hub to communicate, trade and purchase items, make friends, and so on.

To be more specific, players will start with selecting immortals of their own from the twelve highly customizable heroes which are accessible when the game is released at launch with more options added into regularly in the following. Each in-game immortal has its specialty in distinct back story, catchy appearance and attire together with unique skills and abilities. Take Ichorr for example. Ichorr is titled as the Last of the Elementals, who can act out the combating actions such as Deathly Embrace and Elemental Vortex. Different as they are, all distinct traits and attributes specifically designed for heroes can be measured in three general aspects, namely Agility, Strength and Intelligence. Moreover, players can enjoy persistent character progression with more skills to learn and better items to possess from match to match.

When it comes to matches, this game includes two fighting modes, that is, cooperative PvE and competitive PvP. Introductory and facile, PvE supports both solo and team-up modes in which players can acquaint themselves with lanes, minions and inhibitors while fighting against dynamic AI, before plunging into PvP mode to confront one another in instanced battlefields.

Besides, during the 25-40 minutes of fierce battles, players can have their collected pets to help aside. Yet all the features mentioned are not the whole story. Why not spin a tale for your own immortal?

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