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Rise of the Dragonian Era (RODE)

Rise of the Dragonian Era (RODE)

Release Date:  Feb 11, 2012
Publisher:  Mgame USA
Developer:  Mgame USA
Genre:  MMORPG

Rise of the Dragonian Era,  (often abbreviated as RODE, or RODE Online) is a F2P MMORPG by Netgame. The game allows players to a fantasy world where they could engage in regional wars, Castle Siege and other PVP battles.


I’m a nerd, so whenever there’s a game adding dragon to its title, I can never wait to jump into the game. But in most cases, I actually found there hasn’t been much thing about dragon after several hours of playing. Although the name of the game is not enough to tip you off, dragons are very important to the storyline; and Rise of the Dragonian Era also features a mounted combat system that includes those magnificent winged beasts, just as everybody would be happy to see. The world was once ruled by three dragon lords; everyone lived peacefully and each lord dominated their lands without hindrance until the rebellion of the dark dragon lord. You choose to take the role as young fellows from either of the two threatened tribes, join hands with the other to stop the dark dragon lord’s scheme.

The first feature that caught my eye was the character creation. Rise of the Dragonian Era offers an amazingly significant customization options. You can able to modify everything from face shape, hair style, angle of the nose to the size of hip, chest and feet. So the possibilities for customization combinations are limitless; on the contrary, race and class options are very limited. There are only 3 races and 4 classes available to choose from.

The world of Rise of the Dragonian Era is a fantasy world of sheer size. I can spend hours exploring the world, traveling for miles and immersing myself in the minutiae, such as rare plants, magnificent fortresses and exotic monsters. But I never got lost in the game thanks to the guidance of mini-map: areas where you need to go or NPCs with whom you need to rendezvous in order to complete or turn in quests are all marked on your map; moreover, if a quest requires you to kill a certain number of a given monster, its spawn location in the zone will also be highlighted on mini-map. It’s a very newbie-friendly system.

Interaction with NPC’s is also a nice touch: the camera angle automatically shifts from 3rd-person view to 1st-person view; players are then presented with the close-up portrait of the NPC’s face and upper body. NPC models are also perfect and distinctive from each other with even subtle facial expressions. From my option, in term of graphics, Rise of the Dragonian Era stands on the top of my MMO list right now.

Gaming experiences of this style of MMOs are notorious for forcing players to engage in repetitive gameplay. However, this game keeps throwing variety at you. The combat features fast and action packed battles that are really fun and intense. Weapon-hitting sound effects are various depending on the targets and the weapons themselves; enemies also react differently while they are taking hit. The game also features fluid combat action and allows players to fight in a 3rd person view, which make the game more like a 3rd-melee action game, or an adventure game. You get to play around with close combat, ranged attacks, magic, sneaking, and harvesting mines or herbs – How you can survive is up to you. It’s just as viable to kill your enemies with assortments of magic, skills and weapons. Anyway, the quality of the game’s environmental sound effect, combat effect and the realistic surroundings all serve to quickly draw you in.

Dragon riding is the signature system of the game. You get a dragon egg upon completing a certain primary quest, and then you can hatch your own dragon. You feed it and fight alongside with it to make it grow and evolve, until it transforms into its ultimate form. It sounds so cool. Since I proceeded with the game very slowly, I still do not have my baby dragon so I cannot share my views with you about the pet raising. But I will keep you updated on my journey in Rise of the Dragonian Era.

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