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Rising of King

Rising of King

Release Date:  2011 / 5 / 25
Publisher:  Yeep Game
Developer:  Yeep Game
Genre:  Strategy

Embark on an adventurous and magical tour, force away all invaders and defend your village. Be a historical hero in the struggle for supremacy, my lord!

Rising of King is a browser-based online MMO that takes on village building and empire caring while delivering fantasy theme where players are able to conquer and take control of other cities. officially launched in May 9, 2011, Rising of King is hosted at the newly gaming platform YEEPGAME. Boasting a worldwide gaming map, and multitudinous developing path, Rising of King enables players to create their own kingdom and experience the wonderful ancient magic.

The Chinese name of Rising of King is called 战争之王, which had been published a year ago under the title of  King and Conqueror.

“Actually, the changes made to King and Conqueror can be found not only in the title, but also in the upgraded version with new contents added. The new version named Rising of King comes back as it tries to draw the attention from thousands of players who love strategy games.” said one of PR Specialist from Yeepgames

The game involves the witchery middle-aged battle that leads to engaging and complicated disputes among three races. With a combination of war strategies, RPG elements and instant combat modes, Rising of King, with no doubt,which blows its horn.

According to YeepGame.com, the three ethnicities are of distinguished features and charms. Players in the game will role play as a rising king that risks the adventure of revealing the ancient magical secrets and leads the powerful heroes and troops to conquer and save the world.

Not only can players feel the excitement of ancient mysterious world, but also they can put themselves in the fierce confrontations in an extensive scope. Meanwhile, it provides an opportunity for the players that long to prove themselves with dignity. The essential way is to rally the entire guild and seek for the paramount royal glory.

Note: Rising of King is a Chinese game remade from Heroes of Gaia and Three Kingdoms Online.


As we know, Hithere.com failed to fix the bugs in King and Conqueror, and finally it gave up the game. However, Yeepgame just purchased its code and relaunched it under the new name “Rising of King”. This cannot camouflage the existing bugs and glitches that let the game in standstill sooner or later.
The buys we found based on our 1 hour playing: Event Bug, Infirmary, Trumpet bug or limitation, and tons of Undefined bugs.

Yet the customer just said:

Dear players:

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but please clean your IE cache and make sure you have the latest version of the game.

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