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RISK: Factions

RISK: Factions

Release Date:  2012
Developer:  EA
Genre:  Strategy

Risk: Factions is a strategy Facebook game where you can control your troops and battle with five factions. The game, which is originally released for Xbox Live Arcade, is now open to players in Playstation 3 and PC. Even players can invite their Facebook fans and share their strategy on the social network.


Risk Factions is a kind game that exposes its core part to every new comer. I mean the battle part, and the victory part! An old general tells me when to take my turn, how many troops to use for this turn and how many times I can transfer troops (of territory A to add to territory B) for this turn. When I feel horrible, imagining text after text to read and memorize, he said, that’s all.

When I am collecting myself in preparation for a large amount of calculation to pretend to be an impoverished potential king, the grandpa tells me to claim a whole continent-Australia. When I am about to find their trait system to see whom I am facing, I realize that the entire military power is just the numbers labeled on all continents. Even they are not indicated by heads clustered thereby for you to count. And the label number changes in battle to tell the process and the result. No energy bar at a faraway corner to attention to. Nor energy loss sparks to dirt the battle scene. I attack when the defender area shows “attack”. No ready bar that pushes up my blood pressure for each turn to take. Win or lose is not about marching, camping, intruding or retreating, but about dice and card.

Dice result determines the luck influence upon each of your battle. It’s totally on the part of God. The dice is not seen rolled noisily during the battle. You just sense it by winning a bigger number or being beaten by a smaller number. Card is needed by each deployment of a weapon and is obtained by winning a territory. But choosing one card from three puts you again at God’s mercy. To be up to God is not bad. It saves your brainwork for deeper strategy involvement when the map is more and more difficult. In fact, according to my days of experience, the game shows a strong inclination to find online gamers of equivalent levels as your rivals. That’s to say, don’t expect any easy battle just because so many random factors are there in the game.

The tutorial teaches you about battling theories gradually. I learned to start from one end of a line of enemies and deploy as more troops as I can afford before going through enemy territories one by one on the line. Of course, high-level maps put you somewhere difficult to sweep over line after line. And it takes considerations to arrange the limited troops for your territories that are scattered all over the world map rather than united for easy decision.

The building of barracks, training of troops takes time before they can be collected to the troop number indicator. The variety of warrior type just means you can see them taking different lovely exercise that gives life to your military base. Different warriors are collected into the troop number indicator and come out anonymously as one number. However, one thing Risk Faction fails to be special is that buildings on the bases are small. No buildings or trees are taller enough to shelter the warriors. It’s not reasonable or aesthetical for all the objects are the same in height.

The weapon system is different among factions and new weapons need money or success to unlock. But generally speaking, they are all aimed at two things, either adding to a dice result or adding to the number of troops.

The game offers three factions at present, with human as the default one. Cat and zombie are to unlock by a good behavior. It’s said that more maps, more factions, and more battle modes will be realized in future.

Weapons are demonstrated in a large flash. In fact flashes are everywhere in the game. It’s nice to see the flags waving, the lips talking, the weapons firing and the donkey blowing its nose wide. All these stand still and too small to see clear in other similar games.

Apart from the fact that newbies can rule the world in a blink, the most special about RISK: Factions is that they are taught to rule the world, with step by step guide about the key strategy, which proves a golden rule no matter in easy maps or complicated maps with the most active competitors.

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