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Road to Olympus

Road to Olympus

Release Date:  October 15, 2012
Publisher:  WSGame
Developer:  WSGame
Genre:  RPG

Road to Olympus, which is still under secret development, is an action-packed RPG set in a fantasy world where you can take part in a series of activities in order to achieve enviable success.

Customize your own avatar with diverse options, pledge allegiance to your favorite faction, compete against opposing players as well as ferocious monsters and rise to be the most feared hero in the world! The road to glory is long and hard, so it is important to make a few friends who may lend a helping hand to you now and then. If you want, you can also join in an existing guild and seek protection from your guild members. But you have only yourself to rely on in this world tortured by battles and engulfed in flames. So, you’d better seize every moment and second to gather up resources and boost up skills. When time is right, you can venture into the battleground and plunder your enemies for their strongholds and treasures.

To sum up, Road to Olympus will share many similarities with other ARPGs, like Soul of Guardian and Heroes of Gaia, in terms of gameplay. Experienced veterans will constantly master the quintessence of the game and the secret to success. Hope you are one of them!


We all know that many Chinese RPG titles seem to be made based on the same template and few games can offer surprises – everything and the whole gameplay look familiar. Well, Road to Olympus manages to break that rule and offer surprises. Sadly, it does that in a bad way.

Like previous titles from WSGame, such as Legends Lost and Soul of Guardian, Road to Olympus keeps players running through various maps, slaying various monsters, and talking to different NPCs. A mission tracking system enables your character to head towards the destinations automatically. Automatic and turn-based battles save you the trouble of choosing the skills and waiting for the cooldown time, as well as deprive all the fun and excitement you may obtain from battles where you must operate yourself. And soon enough after you get used to the gameplay, you would find yourself dealing with similar quests over and over again.

The varied maps are blurry, just like those in Legends Lost and Soul of Guardian, and all are populated by monsters, among which some look identical. While all the quest offering NPCs that are designed to look fantastic with wings seem to be skipping ropes rather than naturally floating in the air. Anyway, the pictures are just a disaster. Let alone the tiny characters and icons in all the dialog boxes.

It is common in Chinese RPG titles that players have to visit instance maps to kill monsters of different levels. Some titles limit the entries by introducing the Strength system. That is also the case in Road to Olympus. You lose certain amount of strength every time you enter an instance map and can have a full recovery each day. However, the instance maps in Road to Olympus are all filled with various monsters of various levels and the quests you will receive only deal with several of the same type of monsters. In that way, you have to visit the same map every time you receive a concerned quest rather than clearing a small map of all the monsters at a single time.

Naturally, players would have to strengthen equipment and weapons to keep an advantage in battle and ensure they would not be defeated, and the strengthening costs huge amounts of game currency.

A complicated skill acquiring system is also adopted: you obtain quests by purchasing with real money or just by completing various quests and killing monsters in instance maps. You have to upgrade the skills. As you level up, you obtain superior skills and exchange the original ones for the better ones. Then you would have to upgrade the new skills too. Those upgrades cost energy and money and most importantly they fail in most cases, especially when the skills are at level 5 or higher. I upgrade the primary skills and run out of gold and energy before I realize I have to equip my avatar and its companions with better skills.

Characters level up very fast in the game. I reached level 76 one day after I got started. Higher levels certainly offer access to more events such as boss fighting and PVP battles. But those events still fail to impress and hold players. And you have to constantly change the armors and weapons as your character levels up.

Basically, one might feel like a weapon upgrade manager rather than a player. Anyway, whatever kind of game you are looking for, you can just ignore this one. It’s just a failure.

3 Comments on Road to Olympus


  1. Thor(SOG) says:

    When is the game supposed to open???? and ideas???

  2. lloyd says:

    you are a joke this game was due out last October and still not open to play what a joke

  3. fireball.mike says:

    I agree Lloyd I tried finding it too couldn't find it

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