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Robot Rising

Robot Rising

Release Date:  August 22, 2012
Publisher:  Stomp Games, Tencent Games
Developer:  Stomp Games
Genre:  Robot

Robot Rising is a 3D facebook-based game where you assemble the perfect fighting machines from countless parts of varying rarities discovered in the vast complexes or manufactured in the base.


Pro: Intuitive controls. Labyrinth-like dungeons. Excellent shading effects and 3D scenarios.
Con: Lacking in novel elements and challenging stuff. Quests are kind of repetitive. The base management section is just weak.

Robot Rising is definitely one of those games where you get used to the controls right away after you start a battle. The mouse controls it all: hold the left button to guide your robot to anywhere or just click a destination and it will rush there. Click an enemy to attack it or hold your button to keep firing at it. All are intuitive and fluent and feel just right.

And it is kind of fun walking through the so-called complexes to encounter enemies and claim resources. All the complexes, or what we normally call dungeons, take the designs of labyrinths. Your robots travel around on its wheels along the highlighted paths, and head towards the portal to finish the exploration. During the journey, you will battle robots, avoid perilous items, and discover all the available resources.

But getting out of the labyrinth is not your goal – you are to spot all the enemies, claim their lives, and seize all the resources available. That means you have to explore every corner of the complexes to find all the stuff. Not that you are forbidden to leave before you are done. You are free to go as long as you reach any of the two portals. However, since you have to consume 10 or 15 energy points (depending on which of the following modes you choose: Easy, Normal, and Hard) for each entry into the complexes, you’d better exploit each entry to the fullest.

Thanks to the 3D technology, Robot Rising has everything, especially those in the complexes, good enough to visually satisfy players. The arches that block your view, devices scattered on the ground that cause electric shock, or the weapons in enemies’ hands that breathe fire, are all depicted with enough details. All the explored area will be lightened and an invisible spotlight enables the bricks or anything under the wheel of your robot to shine. All those make you feel like you are personally adventuring inside a dungeon.

Nonetheless, Robot Rising doesn’t offer anything special and challenging enough to attract hardcore players – after all, we’ve always been eradicating all the enemies and claiming all the resources in dungeons in games. And the quests fall into the old-schooled pattern in Chinese RPGs – which involve killing several enemies of certain types, build and upgrade structures, and research and produce items. They are so repetitive and dull. Also, you are only asked to build factories and storages and then research and produce items in your base. Those seem completely unnecessary and make the base management section rather a pretentious imitation than an indispensable part in the game.

Robot Rising is delivered in 3D graphics and it makes the fullest use of that advantage. Just like many other 3D games, Robot Rising allows players to switching their view, but only by clicking the buttons near bottom right. However, they are only available back in the base and, when you really need it for confronting enemies with arches or something else blocking your view, they are missing. That’s so ridiculous.

But when you take a different perspective, Robot Rising can be the perfect game where novices can totally relish the best of action RPGs, hopefully.

3 Comments on Robot Rising


  1. Steve D. says:

    When you are in the complexes fighting enemy robots, you can zoom in and out using the mouse wheel. This works in addition to the zoom button on the right-hand side menu that have the "+" and "-" symbols on them.

  2. killerz says:

    it's a single player game so it's like playing a diablo game alone with very little in the way of different items as there are only 3-4 weapons of different levels and thats about it.

    it gets boring fast.

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