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Roll n Rock

Roll n Rock

Release Date:  2011/12
Publisher:  AiYou
Developer:  AiYou (China)
Genre:  Casual

Roll n Rock is a casual online game developed by Aiyou Network Technology (Previously EverDream Studios), the maker of Dragon’s Call. With anime style characters, and hilarious music, the game is mainly targeted for girls aged under 18.

The closed beta was launched in Dec. 11, 2011.


Roll n Rock requires players to select a channel or room to solve the puzzle, or to be exactly, to find the exit from the Labyrinth, which layers on different levels. Players could use Up, Down, Left and Rift to push the obstacles in their way, in a struggle to survive in the end. They can use magical items, which can be acquired or purchased, in order to get out of the Labyrinth in the given time.

Unlike those point-click games, Roll n Rock does not need players to always click their mouse, especially in the combat. Instead players just control their characters using the hot keys.

The magical items, for example,  are something that can be used to rotate the character’s position, or to bomb the obstacles. While some good things always are distorted in an inappropriate way. The game should have been great except for its gambling part, namely Roulette, which is bound to have a negative impact on young children.

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  1. MikoLeaf says:

    I'm new on Roll n Rock, and I found the game very creative, fun and addicting. I like how you can customize your character, and play in the labyrinths. But I don't really like the dating center, though. I personally find it weird to "date" someone on the computer like that..There aren't a lot of shops, and a lot of it is about dating. There's even a Wedding Church. There aren't many places on the map, but there are two places that is talking about dating. That's a lot for just a small little map. But I give this game 7/10. Not bad, but not the best MMO i've played.

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