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Rollercoaster Mania

Rollercoaster Mania

Release Date:  02/03/2012
Publisher:  6Waves
Developer:  Noisy Duck

Kids’ paradise and adults’ resorts for relaxation – welcome to the world of Rollercoaster Mania. This latest Facebook game intends to bring you back to the age of innocence.

If you judge merely from the title, you would probably treat this game as fast-paced and thrilling full of venturous experiences of sitting in roller coasters. Well, you are going in an opposite direction. The fact is, Roller coaster Mania centers on the construction of an amusement park, and the graphics are prone to be tender and cute which cater for children’s taste.

Almost anything you can imagine in a real park could be found in this virtual world: Haunted House, Flying Fish, Observation Tower, seeded strip, snack stand, clowns…But it is through your persistent labor that a well-equipped park is gradually constructed. The detailed tutorial will guide your smoothly through the elementary phase of the game, and along with your progression, more items and buildings will be unlocked. In addition, you can pay frequent visits to your friends. Give them a hand when necessary, and in return, you can get some free resources.


Ever since the launch of iPhone and iPad, theses innovative handsets have been designed for simulation games like PC-based classic theme park management titles. Rollercoaster Mania takes the same basic mechanics from its predecessors by proving players with a plot of land to build their own park on. Players will have to attract more than enough visitors and keep them entertained. This means you need to set up rides, place down pathways exactly at appropriate places where you want them.

The thing about Rollercoaster Mania that really doesn’t fit my appetite is that the graphics are a bit outdated. Due to the technical restriction on creating the creative and lifealike 3D theme park on Facebook platform, the game uses brightly colored cartoon style instead, which makes it doesn’t look any better than those on handsets.

If you’ve never played any of games of the same genre, here’s some rundown of what to expect. You take the shoes of the manager of a theme park, and firstly you are cast into a large isometric terrain. There are entrances of the parks where visitors must pay to get in, and from there you must build main roads leading to various rides and attractions. Additionally, queue lines should branch from main roads in order to direct visitors to the ticket gate of each ride, and pathway should also be placed at the exit for them to get off the ride. There are many different attractions and rides that you can build, as you proceed through the game, more will be unlocked. The premise of the game is very simple, but there’s still something to do to keep you busy. Earning that you get from each visitor depends on the number of “hourly visitors”. And the popularity of your park also reflects on visitor’s overall rating (maximum 10), which consists of several factors. But those factors are contradictorily inter-dependent. For example, you try to achieve “excitement” rating to 10 points by building more and better rides. Meanwhile, the “facilities” rating will go down, because there aren’t enough public toilets to accommodate the population of increasing visitors. Also, chances are that visitors may be sick in your park. So you have to dispatch more cleaners to clean up any vomit in order to prevent the “cleanliness” rate from decreasing.

The other thing I want to complain with the game is how sneaky and deceptive the micro-transaction mechanism is applied. Starting out, I thought I’d probably be able to build a sizable park in short time. But there are quite few rides to choose from at the beginning. However, things go downhill very fast once I finished the tutorial. Actually, I have been stuck on the main objectives. It asked me to place a ride which requires ingredients gifted from friends. Or alternatively, I can choose to get everything done by paying premium currency. Then I entered the premium store but found the prices for most items are outrageous. To pay upwards to $40-80 on a single item is unbelievable and ridiculously expensive.

But the game is not a total loss however. Although graphics are below my expectation, but everything looks realistic, for example, you can clearly see what your customers are doing, such as lining up to get into the rides and playing rides. Those may do some help to pass the time while you are waiting for rides to finish construction.

Overall, I don’t call this game a worthy one. As it stands, it is simply a farm-building game clone coated with carnival theme. Maybe fans and newcomers will enjoy it, but for those who have played tons of games of the same genre and are looking for something new, it is not a good option.

35 Comments on Rollercoaster Mania


  1. Jymmy says:

    I can't figure out how to remove paths nor can I find restrooms to place.

  2. cody mac says:

    how do u get bolts

  3. kenjie says:

    where do i find the TOILET ?

  4. kenjie says:

    where do i find the TOILET ?
    in facebook rollercoaster mania

  5. j.s says:

    you can erase roads by clickin on the erase button on the build option

  6. gagas says:



  7. Durr says:

    How do I lose the game?

  8. SANDY G. says:

    i'm stucked in tutorials! help!!

  9. ROXX says:

    how i get TOILET

  10. jamie says:

    I have about 10 entertainers and cleaners stuck in the middle of rides and its really f'n me off! i've tried moving the rides and the guys move but everytime I refresh the page they always appear back where they started. i've also tried deleting/firing them but the game won't let me select them. aaarrrrggghhh!!!!!!!!! anyone else had this problem???

  11. jihan says:

    where is the toilet
    in rollercoaster mania

  12. aliza.azahra says:

    saya pengen ikutan permainan ini

  13. 1212 says:

    how we remove wild grass?

  14. subham todi says:

    how can we set river rapid in roller coaster mania]

  15. taylor says:

    im amazing at this game i know everything and can do almost everything apart from one thing how do i get toilets not that i need any

  16. Lim Li Xuan says:

    i can't build the river rapids cause customers can't walk on the water !!

  17. aaron says:

    where are the toilets?

  18. Steven says:

    there are no toilets

  19. ross says:

    how do i build a path so people can get on and off my ride it is so fustrating.ross

  20. ross says:

    i meant from my rapid ride

  21. david says:

    the more i build in my park the slower the game gets .and its really startin to ____ me __???? anyone help pls

  22. alex says:

    can i delete my game save file?

  23. anthony says:

    why can't i place my rides now on rollercoaster mania it will let me place some but not other why"

  24. Joe says:

    I dont know how to fire staff o iPod how do I do it please help

  25. Sam says:

    How do u delete edges that r in the paths

  26. kathleen says:

    everyone is asking the same question WHERE are the RESTROOMS and you people NEVER answer at least say something on the subject PLEASE answer I see tons of people are asking !!!!!

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