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Ruby Blast

Ruby Blast

Release Date:  June 2012
Publisher:  Zynga
Developer:  Zynga
Genre:  Puzzle

Ruby Blast is a new social match-3 puzzle game where you click on 3 or more same-colored gems to blast them, earn Rubies, gain level-up and unlock power-ups so that higher scores will be reached.

The game is developed by Zynga, the maker of ChefVille and The Ville.


Ruby Blast sets players in digging a gem mine where they are to blow up three or more gems of the same color that are in a row or in a column or that form a right triangle or a polygon. Perhaps that sounds boring. But Ruby Blast is as exciting and engrossing as the best casual game you may ever think of.

Every action has to be correct and accurate since you’ve only got 40 secs for each game. Naturally, the more gems you blast, the more scores and coins you can get. Likewise, the deeper you can dig, the more benefits you will get. For example, if you successfully dig down 100 feet in a match, you will obtain a super ruby. Good performance may earn you bonus time, or to be specific, extra time, that ranges from 15 seconds to 20 seconds.

The scores and coins are not your only rewards. You may probably get rubies and even emeralds after matches. Ruby Blast has no experience system whatsoever – the number of rubies you’ve collected determines your level. And as you level up, you will unlock power-ups that can increase your scores. You could pick a maximum of three power-ups you like before each match. Nova Flare, available at level 1, destroys all the stuffs in the same row and those in the same column with the Nova Flare stone; Starfall, which is unlocked after you reach level 3, destroys three columns; Shuffle Magic to be expected at level 5 assembles all the gems of a certain color at the bottom so that you could clear them up with one single click. Of course, none of those power-ups comes for free. Some cost your coins while others consume the emeralds you obtain as an upgrade reward.

There’s a leaderboard in the game where you could view the highest points you and your friends have scored in a single match. In that way, your friends’ performance and yours are compared every week and those in the top three will gain a bonus by the end of the week.

Thanks to the time limit, Ruby Blast proves to be an exciting and fast-paced arcade title. And the simple but perfect background music helps assure a quality casual gaming experience.

6 Comments on Ruby Blast


  1. eliabethtrewin says:

    ruby blast wont load up for me

  2. Marion says:

    Das Spiel kann seit 2 Tagen nicht mehr geladen werden. Was ist da los?

  3. Neriza says:

    Anyone knows what's the use of the coins I collect from the game?

  4. Kim says:

    Ruby Blast is tons of fun when it works. On my PC, it crashes over and over; freezing up until I restart it and then it won't load. On my phone, I cannot connect to Facebook.

  5. Donna says:

    My game, Ruby Blast, will load but it will not let me play the game. I have points, gems, etc so I do not want to
    remove it. What can I do as I want to play the game. It is fun!

  6. claire nicholls says:

    Fab game but u need lots of friends for gifting

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