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Runes of Magic Browser Version Preview

Sara Lau
Apr 26,2012  08:04 by

If anyone is willing to find a game as a perfect starter for his or her 3D gaming experience, Runes of Magic seems to be an excellent choice. That absolutely does not mean that any senior 3D gamers would loathe or tease it. It appeals to experienced 3D gamers and 2D gamers alike: those who are familiar with 2D games only would have no problems in indulging themselves in Runes of Magic while experienced 3D gamers can also enjoy themselves in its various monster slayings and boundless explorations.

Upon entering the game, I saw an optional tutorial and when I was to follow it, I clicked the Toggle Fullscreen. Then the tutorial stuff just disappeared. I was panicked to find that I have nothing to do, or to be honest, nothing I can do. I searched for tutorials online but all I got was the one concerning pet manipulation in this game. Not until I chose a different server did I finally get access to the tutorial, which simply provides tips on functions of A, S, D, W and right click and left click. Those are basic and I always come across situations where I really wish there were tutorials or detailed tips for each quest. By the way, you’d better select Record the server upon choosing it because the order those servers are listed in varies each time you enter this game, making it difficult to recognize which your previous account was on.

The gameplay, should it be in a 2D game, is anything but special. Nonetheless, the 3D graphics brings a total new insight into the overused monster hunting, item collecting, and skill acquisition. Everything that can be finished in a few seconds in a 2D game now requires you to find the correct path, correct direction, correct spot, and correct NPC or quest targets. I got lost all the time during monster slaying while the paths sometimes were not much different from normal grassland. As a result, I consulted the map every 5 seconds to check if I was in the right direction heading for the path. It was a day after I started playing this game that I accidentally discovered newbie’s tips from a revival point (where I was a frequent visitor) and finally figured out that I could click NPC or task target’s title in blue in quest log to move my character automatically to them. But when I attempted to use this function to locate the Wild Fungi, the function wasn’t enabled successfully because the distance between them and my character was clearly too far.

Most Chinese and Korean MMORPGs were designed with repetitive quests to ensure there are always quests available. But Runes of Magic saves all that trouble and thanks to that, players will never get bored in endless killings of the same kind of monster. You are free to hunt for the Ninja-like mushrooms, outrageous spiders, or evil bats. Monsters involved in initial quests always battle alone and can be taken down one by one. Therefore, feel free to beat a wolf while another one wolf is climbing on the mountain several steps away-It wouldn’t show the least care for those of its own kind.

[nggallery id=415]

Beat a wolf while a second climbing on the mountain and watching the moon. It wouldn’t show the least care for those of its own kind. Monsters that present themselves in later quests, however, are not so easy to get along with. Some monsters pass by as if you are invisible as long as you don’t launch attacks while others turn hostile once you intrude into their territory. In Sevaida Woods, the bats and spiders attack you immediately whenever you approach them deliberately or accidentally, though you are only tasked with killing the bats. One-on-one battle, as you progress and equip your character with better outfits and weapons, becomes too easy while a team of two enemies in a battle can leave you no choice but to visit the revival point and rush to the battlefield one more time. In order to complete my quest and avoid more deaths, I tried my best to battle bats when no other creatures are nearby. Upon killing a monster, sometimes (and it is often the case) you can obtain rewards such as weapons, mushroom stems and bear claws. If a monster sparkles after death, it has something to offer. Actually, the same is true with resources. If you happen to spot a rock, ore, or ash wood glowing, you can collect the special treat.

Runes of Magic really made me forget all the time that I was playing a browser-based game. All the exquisite characters and pictures, splendid sceneries and smooth animation are as good as in best client-based games. It is a pity that Runes of Magic doesn’t keep itself from a problem common in Chinese and Korean online games: far too small fonts on the interface. And when the game is displayed in fullscreen, the texts look weird and uncomfortable, though they do come in bigger fonts. Is there any contradiction between retaining the original interface style and localizing a game in western world? If there is, they should have it in strict control and prevent that from affecting our gaming experience. Obviously, they failed on that front.

To play the browser version, go to http://browser.runesofmagic.com/kalydo.html

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