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Saga of Hero

Saga of Hero

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Yipeegame
Developer:  Yipeegame
Genre:  MMO

What do you expect from a MMO game? Challenging bosses? Exciting Battles? Shinning equipments? Fancy graphics? Or United guilds? Whatever anyway! You can now get satisfied in the free-to-play browser game Saga of Hero, which to be launched by China-based YipeeGame.

Over 200 servers have been opened in North America and Asia for but not limited to English speaking audiences, since its detailed gameplay guides have made it acceptable for many non-English speakers, too. At the opening, Gamers are reborn into one of the 5 races (knight, rogue, priest, ranger and mage) with no memory of their identity. They devote themselves to the fantasy land by following elders’ instructions to fight monsters and collect useful materials, until they grow mature enough to fight for individual purposes. The story is full of twists and turns, involving a multitude of helper-NPCs and enemy-NPCs, and anyone of them may help break down the mystery of your identity.

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I like all the buildings, tiled floors, bridges, grasslands and all the NPCs in the game. They are all properly colorful but not so loudly dazzling. Even the warmth of wooden bridge, the friction from thick grasses, the pain in the swollen eyeballs of chicklars, the oily skin of bear cubs, the slaps upon your face from wings of vultures, can be all sensible. The battle music is well moderated and properly crisp. Even the opening music for elevating gamers’ spirit sounds not a bit sharp. All these factors are indispensible for a quality game to live long.

However, the images in battle are lovely and nimble, and the gameplay have been widely applauded as adventurous, cute, and exciting and so on. You can contact a series of professions and level up by satisfying their needs and following their suggestions. I am full of gratitude as it’s the most considerate game offering the best guide. The controlling keys are explained in bold one by one and pop up in battlefield interface when you possibly need it. With a click to the underlined part of the quest text, your character goes to the correct place for the correct target. But things can be different when AFK is abused or when your inventory is full.

Unfortunately, the game gives no useful suggestions on these occasions. Make sure your inventory has room for the needed collectibles or else you can harvest nothing when you feel you have killed plenty. The system says: your inventory is full. But it won’t suggest you to throw away anything or go to trade. The object you are trying to casting away may fly back to your inventory. You begin to regret having gathered these trashes, and fear to press space bar to collect the required objects in case scattered treasures may come along. Here the game doesn’t pop up a text saying: Double click to collect what you want. But I find it accidentally and I collect the quest-required objects that other gamers have earned but not yet picked up. And when I feel like destroying all these items no matter what price they cost, I abandon the basic protective equipments to make room for what the current quest requires. That’s why I am easily injured in level-20 quest and have to halt the battle to revive frequently. I don’t think I am alone in this tragedy as I have found many are consulting about getting rid of useless things in inventory in the forum. And at this point, I find the secret to discard exactly what you want to discard: to close inventory window as soon as possible and the returning object will be blocked. I wonder whether this fact must be told or be found so hard.

When your inventory is managed well, mind AFK system! AFK is helpful as it aims and fights accurately and nonstop. But if you enable it even a bit earlier than needed, it aims at whatever it sees at present, which is often the incorrect target. I once believed blindly in AFK and enjoyed listening to its aimless fighting, only to find the target is wrong! You have to disable the AFK system and click the underlined text to head for the correct place and the correct targets. At this moment, the system gives no instruction telling: wrong target! You just feel lucky when you find AFK time is not limited or charging fee.

Reviving is a funny experience. It’s sad to see the monsters lose 20 or 30 points for each hit while you lose 80 or 90. So I would stop the hopeless battle and run away to the furthest corner until the chasing monster disappears. I am glad to find that the chaser can spare me and let me revive on the spot, although it means the previous effort is wasted. To revive on the spot is much better than in town, as the process leaving and reaching the battlefield is badly time-consuming and boring. You have to stop before your HP falls to zero, or you cannot revive on spot without money. And I am not even told how to dismount my turtle when I need to sit down for reviving. Look, you need to take care of yourself and your credit card by dealing with such absences of expected reminders and suggestions.

On the battlefield, you can see other online gamers in various clothing, on various mount and with various weapons, which effectively urge you to strive for the advanced mounts, wings and skills in high levels. Each of them has their name over head. It’s easy in this game to get friend requests from other players and get your requests granted, but they drop you there helpless and continue their own level-climbing. You cannot talk in the world before reaching a certain level, and your whispers are always ignored. Although the game encourages adventurers to make as many friends as possible to survive in the land of Vidalia, it takes no measures to bring together gamers from different races and on different levels by making a match or team, which is much smaller than a guild but involving more solid commitments. In fact, when you reach a certain level, the interface shows how to attack the nearby online gamers. It’s time to help the game solve the over-density of population! You see, you make enemy more easily than friends, unless you are good enough to attract whom you defeat. I have heard that someone goes overseas to learn gaming skill from an annual champion of WoW. But is it crazy for beginners to wish for friendship in games?

At long last, I must say, Saga of Hero has been friendly to beginners and adventurous to veterans. There is no major problem to complain about and you feel no reason to retreat from such a merry-paced and considerate game. You are simply driven by the story, the extensive maps, and the instructions from elders, NPC-friends and the secret of your own identity, to the deepest of the game.


Saga of Hero, also known as Crystal Saga, is a flash-based, animate style MMORPG set in the fantasy world, the Realm of Roch, where they can explore treasure, hunt for valuable items, train pets, slay monsters and communicate with their friends. In Saga of Hero, players can be a brave Warrior, can be an elegant Elf, can be a holy Priest, can be a cool Assassin or can be a mysterious Daemon.

Players won’t feel lonely or get bored in this game. They are supposed to harvest new friendship and get companied by loyal pets and mounts. The guild organization will help them to find their comrades. Daily quests and events will encourage them to gather together to fight bosses and share their achievement. For those challengers, the dungeon system and arena system will never disappoint them. Pets either captured or purchased will perform as good fighting assistants. Besides, those cute or valiant mounts will also add fun to players’ gaming time.

Saga of Hero seems to have integrated most elements that can be seen in other MMO games like Eden Eternal, and Luvinia Online. But don’t worry. It won’t be difficult to learn. At the beginning, the embedded guides and thoughtfully designed quests will help players to get familiar step by step. An interesting thing is that when fighting with monsters, players will see monsters are kindly uttering some operational instructions. How lovely!

Launch of Saga of hero is currently under preparation. Adventure in the Realm of Roch will start soon!

41 Comments on Saga of Hero


  1. Anonymous says:

    This is already a game called crystal saga, thats where all these images are from so i think saga of hero might be ripping them off

  2. Anon says:

    i think this is the same game but they just changed the title

  3. hazel says:

    itz crystel saga just with a name change

  4. aaPOllo says:

    This is the GTM version of the game which is made illegal Saga of heroes and crystal saga was translated from the chinese version

  5. arjay constantino says:

    nice one

  6. Jaazzy says:

    Credit card holders run this game, the marketplace gives them a HUGE advantage, destroying whatever balance the game once had.

  7. Anyelir says:

    Crystal Saga – Crystal Legacy – Saga of Hero… ahahah LOL

  8. brent says:

    where could I get some magic crystals guys!

  9. Ravenclaw says:

    game community is tough…not many english ppl hard to get help or info in game

  10. duda says:

    eu falo portugues

  11. jamie says:

    how do u save the game i played but it dint save lol

  12. jonwill anicete says:


  13. noobpwner says:

    level 97 <3

  14. mishkunasha says:

    nc :DD ganda laroo ni2

  15. hassan says:

    this play is very beautiful and enjoyable larry did not like him

  16. hassan says:

    this play is very beautiful and enjoyable larry did not like him

  17. hassan says:

    ERROR: please type a comment

  18. crismmy says:

    copy! copy of crystal saga!

  19. Yudis03Rz says:

    aq mau main saga of hero

  20. Eurhie Girl says:

    This game is so boring ! i hate this ! im just like a kid ! 🙁 cause they look smaller than me ! wahahahahaha! and boring !

  21. THEHERO says:

    cum imi iau si eu urs???

  22. Kal says:

    u guys should be sued for copying crystal saga. LEARN HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN FUCKING GAME U TWATS.

  23. gustavo says:

    esa e a versao chinesa so no facebook que vcs agora aqui esto lvl 98

  24. gustavo says:

    dejitei erado era nao da pra joga porq e so no facebook

  25. gustavo says:

    dejitei denovo erado e so no facebook que vcs jogao o saga of hero

  26. mark says:

    wow is good

  27. priest says:

    their are 3 crystal games that look the fuckin same the names are (crystal saga) (crystal legacy)
    (saga of hero)..

    i want to all 3 games but i stay with my first pick (crystal saga)

  28. richard says:

    esse jogo é mil x melhor que o asa de cristal porque ai dar o dobro dos itens que ganhamos no asa de cristal ele dar pra solar cofre e escada sozinho""""""joguem vcs vão gostar"!!!

  29. kakaroto says:

    voces vai caha

  30. randompoopieface says:

    i played crystal saga and the game at first for me was a lot of fun. made tons of friends when i began playing and thats what kept me playing for so long i guess. at first i was not so competitive and just hung out for fun. but as u play longer u will c tons of ppl quitting and maybe quit yourself from boredom. everything becomes EXTREMELY REPETITIVE and the biggest factor in the game is cash. cash for anything thts all u need to be strong. the unbalance in the game develops quickly as more ppl cash but thts what the developers want of course 😀 after awhile the game is just not fun anymore and you just stay either for friends or because u envy the cashers and want to be strong just like them ._. like me sadly

  31. tekhücre says:

    saga of hero kristal kanatların değişiği kristal kanatlarda 50. levelde savaş ayısını veriyor ama saga of heroda
    1. levelde savaş ayısını veriyor

  32. mcmcky says:

    gm noyee bought crystal saga and change it to saga of hero there are some differences you know

  33. starlin says:

    hi how ere you?

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