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Saint Seiya Online

Saint Seiya Online

Release Date:  2013
Publisher:  Perfect World
Developer:  Perfect World
Genre:  MMORPG

Saint Seiya Online is a free to play MMORPG from China-based Perfect World, the publisher of Forsaken World, RaiderZ, and Rise of Europe. Based on the Japanese manga series of Saint Seiya and its anime TV series, Saint Seiya Online recreates the epic story that the Knights of the Zodiac battle against the Olympian gods.


1, Cinematic action sequences with a smoother and more fluid experience that makes players feel being immersed into the movie to play various actions like shooting, clinching and wrestling, as well as attacking while leaping. These actions, along with different skills, can be freely combined into different combos, delivering unprecedented excitement.

2, Compelling storyline and sub-plots that faithfully hew to the original anime TV series.

3, The sacred armor known as “Cloth” are not merely a piece of armor, but a guardian with life and vigor that can evolve into the legendary armor as the character grows.

4,Cosmo System – the mystical energy “Cosmo” gives players more flexibility to release their character’s potential energy when a certain requirement is met.

5, Guild Wars – Saints, Knights or Warriors in Saint Seiya Online are able to join a legion to seek protection or accomplish more complicated missions and ultimately confront against other guilds.


Saint Seiya Online is currently in the very closed beta stage and Perfect World invited a few testers to test the game. We are happy to be invited to play this game, but due to the embargo of review coverage, we are unable to post the in-game details. We may review the Chinese version of Saint Seiya Online when the embargo is lifted.

22 Comments on Saint Seiya Online


  1. NONE girl says:

    put it on english F+

  2. wew says:

    yeah put it in english plss

  3. Anonymous says:

    at least in english.

    put all the armours, don´t forget god warriors, poseidon, abel, eris, and artemise ones. Silver, bronze.
    use gods as factions to join.

  4. marco says:

    so we cant play ths game yet?

  5. in german or french too please!!!! and fast i have to play now!!!! :)))

  6. redds says:

    how can i changen language

  7. Fajanwu says:

    ENGLISH! this theme is from korea or china or something.

  8. ngw says:

    play saint seiya online of china server
    just need buy an verified account from newgameway.com

  9. Noob says:

    stupid question is it gonna be free to play when beta is finished?

  10. RickRifle says:

    it needs China citizenship ID damnit!!!!

  11. dudixe says:

    how can i put the game in english??
    the page is almost in

  12. Matt says:

    Yea… its all in chinese. PLEASE release an english registration website and client. I would really love to try this out.

  13. Drago says:

    as a European version??? Here we are 20 and we want it and who knows how many tens of many thousands of people.

  14. david says:

    where is the game in freeeeennnncchhh !!! pfffffffff

  15. Ory says:

    Even if I'm italian, I'd be grateful if they could adapt it in english at least! I'm currently studying english, japanese and chinese as well…but the whole thing in chinese is obviously too difficoult to me right now….I could manage japanese 'til a certain extent though….I don't mind about an italian version…that would be too much, maybe….but at least…GIVE ME ENGLISH! YAY/

  16. seiya says:

    i buyd an account on newgameway and know i dont now wtf to do

  17. kenneth says:

    I have been playing this game for a couple of months. I dont recomment this game because of the stupid repeatedly dungeons and battlefield system. especially the chinese game masters are too arrogant to neglect players' feeling. The game will try to squeeze players' money and give a lot of unfair combat and fight in arena. They might have some professional players to stimulate the consumption in the game by provoking and killing.

  18. Taurus Furare says:

    if you put an English language on this game, your game will be known in international region. So you will be very succeed because of this game had many of fans

  19. Draco says:

    Download English patch: seiya.forumotion.com

  20. trol says:

    Tu volere i miei soldi??? Sviluppare in italiano e io pagare te tanto tanto. Se volere essere pagato in riso io ti offre te 2 tir di liso Scotti così tu diventare statico lol

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