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Samurai Dynasty

Samurai Dynasty

Release Date:  2011
Developer:  Kabam
Genre:  Strategy

Alternating among Fantasy, Classic, Epic, and historical genres, game developers are racking their brains to find a way out to keep their pocket as deep as possible. What remain unchanged is the game mechanism – City Building.

After successfully rolling out a couple of different games for Facebook, Kabam just leveraged its ready-made resources, which have already been employed into Glory of Rome, Kingdoms of Camelot and Dragons of Atlantis, to launch a new empire building game called Samurai Dynasty. But you are thrown into different world with Japanese culture.

Take, for example, the resources and presentation. When entering the game, you will be instructed to build your basic buildings and earn some rewards and gifts that may help and boost your next levelup. I know you too much know such gaming rules that are just obeyed by thousands of game developers, so far no innovation so to speak.

Are you happy to login your Facebook and do some monotonous works like producing Food, Lumber, Stone or Iron, finally train your troops and go to wars? No really, most of the times, I login my Facebook for communicating with some friends of mine, whom I cannot talk face to face.

Let’s go back to the topic, in Samurai Dynasty, you will do the same way that you do in Dragons of Atlantis. You need resources to Train Troops and Build your City in the war-torn world. Your thriving Population needs somewhere to live. So buildings matter! Other things you can do is, for example, Change your Tax Rate to earn Silver from your Citizens, Upgrade to unlock new Buildings and additional Field plots, View the status of your City’s Resources and Wilderness Areas.

The most Worrying thing I have alway been keenly concerned of is Why Facebook accepts online gambling. To my mind, Facebook should be a clean and friendly world isolated from those gambling and unhealthy stuff.

I know Samurai Dynasty adds Yuna’s Gamble in order to facilitate players to win items and they get a chance to win Speedups, Resources, Combat Items and etc. But that will make those young generations form a bad habit of Gambling.

I do not recommend anyone to play this game since it is not a unique game. More worse, it contains gambling.

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  5. guest says:

    for those of you who Play KOC and are getting out because of the constant bullies and having to buy Gems just to stand a chance of surviving in the game this is the same thing.. I for 1 will not be getting into this game as I have better things to do than spend way too much time worrying if I am getting base mighted buy a player with a 50+ mil might or more than one of them if you are not in the top 10-15 alliance. Makes it hard and very undesirable for a new play or a low might player to stay in the game. personally I think they need to find a better way of keeping things fair for the new players or there wont be new players…

  6. michael says:

    when is samurai dynasty coming back

  7. Ryu says:


  8. Derraazor says:

    Why is gambling a problem? Did you get shellshocked at the casino or did your loser dad beat you up when he losed at the betting shop?

    Gambling is fine as long as you are pro, if you suck then you loser like in life.

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