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Scarlet Blade

Scarlet Blade

Release Date:  March 15, 2013
Publisher:  Aeria Games
Developer:  LivePlex
Genre:  MMORPG

Scarlet Blade, originally named Queens Blade, is an upcoming action MMORPG from South Korea-based developer LivePlex behind Dragona.

In the game, the whole world has been invaded and occupied by unknown creatures and the last hope of mankind lies in a small group of females who have been genetically modified and therefore are capable of battling invincible enemies.

Gamers will role play as those females and explore varied scenes including lush forests and military structures. But they won’t necessarily be alone. Occasionally, they will need to summon mechs to battle for them. Those mechs possess unique skills and are much more powerful than the protagonists.

Thsoe who adore intense and exciting PVP combats would also have their thirst satisfied in Scarlet Blade. 50v50 and 80v80 combats will be available, as well as a continual platform dedicated to faction wars, all of which call for cooperation and strategies.

Like many other games of South Korean origins, Scarlet Blade features beautiful sceneries and charming characters and most importantly, sexy females who always have few clothes on. And that makes this game applicable to adults exclusively.


In a persistent 3D world, players accept missions wherever they are, travel with unique pets, ride on motorcycles, carry cannons, swords or pistols, slay monsters and foes, collect potions and gear, and challenge fellow players.

If there is anything that distinguishes Scarlet Blade from thousands of MMORPGs at first sight, it would definitely be its sexy figures. All the playable characters are females who have as few things on their beautiful bodies as possible. One can certainly choose among the few outfits before they start the game, but that outfit is not available from the outset and everyone starts a new character nearly naked. There is not a chance of avoiding such exposure with every character passing by with equally few clothes on.

Those barely covered female bodies won’t be the only visual attraction in Scarlet Blade. Players still could enjoy the company of numerous sexy or intimidating monsters, as well as guards in seemingly impenetrable suits that make them look more like robots. Meanwhile, one will spot bizarre buildings, magical mushrooms, abandoned automobile, and last but not least, the stylish motorcycles and other mounts.

Also with those sexy characters comes the special gear. For example, through completing quests and slaying monsters, you will obtain the hot dress and stylish high-heels, which could increase your stats. And you use cannons, swords, or even two pistols to deal damages on monsters.
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In most cases, players don’t have to travel between NPCs to accept and report quests in Scarlet Blade. One or more blue buttons would present themselves whenever quests are unlocked or are complete. You click the button, follow or skip the conversation and accept or finish the tasks. That special mission system saves many unnecessary trips. However, there are times when you do deal with NPCs and run errands for them.

Battles in Scarlet Blade are intense. The skills need only short cooldown after use, but players still have to wait for HP and SP refills. Some quests only direct players consecutively to the same place, slaying different types of monsters. Although almost every monster or enemy you kill can take you down without many efforts if you don’t concentrate and try your best, the endless killing x number of y monster can be tiresome and annoying.

One controls his or her character using WASD for moving and numeric keys for unleashing skills. And as always, almost every key on your keyboard is used for a distinctive function. Players can also activate the auto-run and save themselves the trouble of checking the map and looking for the target monsters all by themselves. In either way, players could easily relish the game intuitively and comfortably.

Scarlet Blade is one of those games that invite you with stunning visuals, treat you with comfortable controls, and hold you with these never-ending exciting challenges. It is the one MMORPG that deserves and at the same time justifies high anticipation.

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  1. Yasmyn says:

    Cool game

  2. diorge says:

    por que o social Wars não ta pegando sábado 17/11/12 em???? to tentando entra pelo face e não pega fica uma tela branca e não da para jogar

  3. diorge says:

    Social Wars

  4. No one really says:

    Funny how it says mankind and yet all of them are females XD

  5. fild says:

    Alguem sabe quando esse jogo vai ser lançado??
    Eu gostei muito dele as mina são muito boa quando lança??

  6. when the hell is the game coming out!

  7. watever says:


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