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Seaside Hideaway

Seaside Hideaway

Release Date:  May 21, 2012
Publisher:  Pow Games
Developer:  Pow Games
Genre:  HOG

Seaside Hideaway is a Facebook-based hidden object game developed by Pow Games. In the game, You need to follow the story through different scenes to build up a thriving tourist attraction and restore Seaside Hideaway.

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Solve hidden object puzzles to help your town’s businesses and build attractions to revive a seaside village into a booming tourist spot!

Relax! You are not the mayor this time. It’s all about town design and construction and more importantly, hidden object discovery.

A town awaits your planning. Basically you just select the items specified in your quests on the involved tab page under Build, select the location, start the construction and later click to complete the building. Everything you put on the map is OK with itself once the construction is complete and you don’t have to upgrade, collect, or manufacture anything. Decorate the open land and expand to adjacent area. More things you are able to construct are unlocked as your level increases.

Buildings grant Appeal and new scenes will unlock as your appeal grows. There are altogether 32 scenes, including Sea Harbor, Surf Woody, Beach Blanket, Havana Street, Antique Shop, Carnival Games, Secret Cave, Polynesian Boat, Garden Patch, Secluded Cottage, and others. Each of those scenes is actually a realistic picture, and you are quested with discovering various objects, such as fan, playing card, fork, flask, and pelican in the crowded scene. Some objects are obvious enough for you to spot at one glance but others are not. For example, I couldn’t find the fork that lies behind a cup until I aimlessly click across the whole picture. And I accidentally discover the cane on the edge of the roof of the greengrocer’s. One has to find twelve objects each time he or she starts the hidden object hunting in any scene. If you fail to find something, click the magnifier icon near bottom right for a hint. Aimless clicks seldom discover stuffs and too many missed clicks could halt the hunting for a few seconds,

You have 50 energy points at the beginning of the game and after each level up. Every time you enter a scene, you spend ten of your energy. The stamina replenishes over time: one energy point is added every four minutes. As one progresses, the upgrade can be more and more difficult while running out of energy increasingly easy. There was this quest that demands further visits to scenes I’ve already visited to gain three anchors, which are gained gradually as one finishes discovering the twelve specified items. The gain depends on the performance: the sooner you are done with all the objects, the more of an anchor you can get. I had to enter the same scene – Sea Harbor – repeatedly so as to obtain the three anchors. That is exactly when I start to run out of energy and wait for its refill, which was stupid – I didn’t realize until later that I could just add buildings to accumulate experience points to level up and have a full energy refill.

The game, however, feels gross when a mission requires me to hire three of my friends to build the lighthouse. With only one of my friends currently playing the game, I believe I would never manage to complete that mission. Whenever you enter this game, you are asked to send gifts to your friends and if you run short of anything, you are advised to resort to friends – which would only result in messages talking them into joining you in the game.

Anyway, Seaside Hideaway successfully fuses simulation and hidden object elements and is great except for its unstoppable attempts to reach existing players’ friends.

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8 Comments on Seaside Hideaway


  1. Bev says:

    How do I enlarge the screen?? Can't play the scenes with some of the scene missing.

  2. vesta44 says:

    I'd like to know how to get to the Winter Lighthouse that's advertised in the game's frontpage news. It keeps saying it's available, but there's no way to find it, let alone play it.

  3. sandra says:

    does anyone know where the gummy bear is located in the snow lighthouse scene, I have looked and looked and cannot find it

  4. april Schaeffer says:

    How can we look for new people to play with us and help with deeds and other missions on this game?

  5. Ellen Barr says:

    I've completed all of Quest 2 (all anchors are filled in) but I did not get the free pier…Also, I noticed that on the left column where points apparently accumulate…on my screen, no matter how many quests I've completed there are never any points showing…Maybe this is why I didn't get the pier but please let me know.


  6. when are you going to add new chapters its been 3 months or so people are ready to quit.

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