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Secret Relict

Secret Relict

Release Date:  2011/10/27
Publisher:  Upjers
Developer:  Upjers
Genre:  Adventure

Secret Relict is a browser game in which you role play adventurer and treasure hunter to embark on an eventful expedition and search for hidden treasures in exotic locations. The game is developed by Upjers, German game maker behind My Free Farm, Koyotl, Funny Pizza and Free Aqua Zoo. (Note: It is only available for German-speaking players)

I cannot speculate on what strategy Upjers are trying to implement, but I am assuming Secret Relict is to follow the steps of Adventure World. The two games are very similar except their platform available.  As Zynga rolled out social game Adventure World, there are tons of players rushing into the world to explore treasures. Of course, some game developers are also exploring “Treasures”. Upjers is just one of them.

To be exact, I’d like to classify Secret Relict into hidden object category since it handles the way hunters unveil secrets and treasures hidden, probably under every rock, bush or tree. Players should take advantage of some tools like shovel, rope,  pickaxe, ax or magnifying glass to scrutinize Rubies, emeralds, sparkling blue crystals or fragments of relics.

However, the game is something touching on adventure because you can also travel different regions to explore treasures. From the scorching hot desert sand, to tropical jungle with dense tree growth to grass-choked landscapes, you will have to risk your life to find the lost treasures and cultures.

Interesting enough, there are excavations along your adventure. Even bones, skulls and old socks are scattered across the ground. Naturally, they can be used to increase your body strength and help build your archaeological fame and wealth. To explore excavations, you will cost power that can be regenerated itself  along with your efforts and wealth built. Eventually, you will get rewarded with your efforts and treasure hunting eagerness. However, danger threatens! For your success are also envious. To help you defend against other treasure hunters, or if you want you compete with other competitors, there are voodoo dolls that can be attacked.

All those who are looking for a real adventure in the browser will be delighted by this fascinating treasure hunt game for sure.  Experience the treasure, pack up your pickaxes, put on your expedition boots, tropical hat and starts the exciting hunt in Relict Secret!


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