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SELF Workout in the Park

SELF Workout in the Park

Release Date:  2012
Genre:  Simulator

SELF Workout in the Park is a fitness theme park-oriented simulation game on Facebook where players need to manage their own fitness park by adding workout equipments and fitness machines that produce serious muscle-building, calorie-burning results.


When you start the games, you will be asked several questions pertaining to your daily fitness and life habit, which will determine the avatar appearances. Then you dress up your avatars from top to bottom. You have several options in torso, bottom and shoes to choose from. Currently, there are only female characters available.

Then you start the game with a default park. Some basic equipments and stands have already been placed. Performing a training activity will cost you resources, which consist of protein, water, energy and vitamins; and in return, you earn a set amount of wellness, fitness and nutrition. These three values constitute the special leveling up system of the game. You need to fill up all these meters to 100 in order to gain a new level. Besides, you need to visit refreshment stands to compensate for the nutrition and energy loss during fitness exercises. For example, if you drink coffee, it will cost a certain amount of water, but you get energy in return. Likewise, if you drink water, it costs you energy but rewards you with water and nutrition.

The objective of the game is to set the fitness training goal for your virtual character and try your best to accomplish that. Your training courses are directed by assortments of quests from three female NPC coach characters. Additionally, a nice touch here in this game is that, you actually don’t bother to invite your Facebook friends to the game, when you get stuck at a co-op quest. Because, your fitness instructor are also your tireless friends, who always keep you company and glad to lend you a hand whenever you are in need.

Throughout the fitness courses, you earn money that can be used to purchase better equipments, avatar clothes and park decorative items. If you have played any other Facebook games, then you’re probably already familiar with micro-transaction via Facebook credits. You can spend money to instantly skip quests and achieve goals; otherwise, you can do everything required. But the game actually is not very money-oriented. There is very few equipment you cannot purchase without WPP and the amount of WPP you start off is so generous.

The game is also composed of several mini-games, which you play against NPCs or your friends. But currently, only the “Zen Match” is available during beta phase. The gameplay is just a match-3 game clone. All you need to do is just to click and drag over groups of 3 or more gems to clear them at a time. The mini-game doesn’t provide with pop-up window tutorials to you, instead, you need to click on the question mark icon to bring up the help window. But players are just presented with a page of information written totally in unknown foreign language.

Overall, SELF Workout in the Park is fun and relaxing, the graphics are extremely colorful and bright. The animation, while not stellar, is good enough for a Facebook game. However, the game itself is very buggy. For many times, I minimized the game windows and switched to other pages, I came back to continue and found two items overlapping each other. I restarted the game, they got displayed in their normal positions. Although they are just minor bugs, I still hope producer can be aware of these issues and fix them ASAP.

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