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Release Date:  November 10, 2012
Publisher:  Lekool
Developer:  AiWent (China)
Genre:  Strategy

The road to power and world domination starts with building up your city, recruiting and training heroes, studying technologies, constructing league operations.


Senatry is a free browser strategy game published by Aiwent Tech. LTD. a new privately funded startup headquartered in Guangzhou, China. The game, coded under the framework of Evony, Caesary and Three Kingdoms Online, is just a rebuild of the most controversial browser game Caesary.


Though ‘Evony’, ‘Caesary’,’Battlestar Galactica online’ and ‘Indomitus’ show the web technology’s amazing side, its utilization still confines them to  a commercial purpose rather than a creative choice.

It is true that Senatry is fabulous on the combination of MMO, flash, web and strategy. But It is just going to be luring those innocent players to spend their money on it. Why am I so pessimistic of this game?


1, If you are an active Kongregate member, you might try the game called Caesary last year. It is the game that was re-born into Kongregate again. Althrough Kongregate broke up with Heroic Era due to copyright infringement invovled between Caesary, and Evony, making thousands of players lose money, still It pretends to be all innocent when Senatry comes back.

2, If Kongregate is really faced with a copyright infringement issue and threatened legal action, why does it allows for such incident happening again? Why does it indulge Senatry hoaxing players and grabbing player’s money again? Perhaps, Oh! No! 100% Chances are Kongregate benifits more from this game. (Another fact >  why AeriaGames.com took down Caesary)

3, Imagine if Kongregate received a new copyright infringement notice, It stands to reason they should take down Senatry again?

Who behind Senatry and Caesary?

Based on information collected from Internet, we learned that Caesary (Chinese title: 凯撒之路 ) is developed by a Guangzhou-based game company called 蓝色动力 (Blue Power).  But who tweets Senatry? It is safe to conclude that it is the same company behind this game although it claims to be a new company called AiWent (广州爱玩软件服务有限公司).

If you have learned some basic facts among the game and its company, you could possibly want to learn what the Chinese name of Senatry is? And who publishes it at the moment?

After some investigation, we found the Chinese version of Senatry is called “沙场 – 混乱年代“, which is published by PeiYou.com. If you are beyond Chinese regions, you never know who supports PeiYou.com. PeiYou.com is a subsidiary company of YaoWan.com (要玩娱乐). YaoWan.com’s English browser game platform is ClapAlong.com, which is known for publishing Batheo.

So, it will not take too long you will see Senatry will be available on ClapAlong.com, because it has already published Chinese Version of Senatry. And most importantly, it is the first only publisher at present.

Logically and in principle, Senatry will soon be launched on Facebook, Mochigame.com, Lekool.com, Subagames.com, r2games.com, AeriaGames.com, Yoogames.com, Game321.com, Bigpoint.com, hi5.com and the like. Because these publishers has previously published Caesary. To maximize their profits and revenues, they must have reached deal to prepare for the publishing of Senatry.

The full review is coming soon! If you want to learn more about this game, contact us today! Or join our forum to discuss!

Tips and strategy guide:

You can get a lot of silver as a reward for completing tasks.

Senatus level is actually your level. High level Senatus makes possible other high level buildings

Other buildings can be upgraded only after Senatus is upgraded.

Only the strongest survives in the world of Senatry. Defeating the rebels is the first step to demonstrate your strength.

How to defeat the rebels?

Click war on the lower right to enter the War Scence. FIght all the way until you defeat Spartacus.

What if the enemy is too powerful to destroy?

You need to enhance your strength through the following ways:

1, Click the Troops Section on the upper right part to enter the Train Panel and start training your heroes.

2, Enter the Armory section where you buy and improve the equipment. (Remember to load the equipment to your hero afterwards)

What can be done when players lack silver to buy or improve Equipment?

1, Click on the Senatus, then on the Levy to enter the Levy panel. Silver can be gained through levy.

2. Click on Quest on the upper right corner, A pile of Silver is the reward for completing the quest

Things may happen during levy. Your different response will give you different reward. Please be informed that a merciful and kind reaction is the major way to get allegiance. Higher allegiance, more levied Silver.

What follows the suppression of the rebellion?

After defeating the rebels, you can relocate your city to Rome to further upgrade your level. After you finish the rebels, Click Macedon in the war scene to challenge stronger enemies.

Official website: http://www.kongregate.com/games/aiwent/senatry

More Strategy Tips and Walkthrough http://www.senatry.org/?p=20

15 Comments on Senatry


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  6. armor70 says:

    como se sube de nivel el criss-cross

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  11. Hook says:

    After playing Senatry since the release, it is absolutely clear that this is a game in Beta stage of development.
    Although it can have a compettitve edge this aspect of the game relies on players being active. When player numbers dwindle due to the programming bugs and long long inactive times spent in the game. It becomes clear that the mechanics of the game are flawed. Without players to perform Legions and build League comunitys for Domain Wars it dies quickly. New players will enter game but as progression is dependent on active players combining to complete legions they soon get bored and leave!! Thereby killing game completely.

    Rating 0-10: 3
    Playability: mediocre
    Comment: Investing money for enhancements is not reccomended as game is quickly maxed out to highest level and you will be left wondering what to do next.

  12. vince says:

    bloody hell enough with the copying of other games seriously this is just another immortal king wannabe as well as all the others like it sigh nobody ever does anything original anymore i wouldn't be surprised if this AiWent (China) is the maker of those Immortal King wannabees just under a different company name.

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