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Senatry Impressions, Short of Something Dynamic like Soundtracks

Sara Lau
Sep 21,2011  01:09 by

My first impression made me annoyingly stay away from Senatry because I am seemingly pretty familiar with this game. After entering the game, you can see there’s a castle-like territory, with some little people walking here and there. This land has many green empty squares; I swear they’re all used for building all kinds of necessary pieces. And, I’m right about what I was guessing, this game is just the rebuild of Caesary developed by Chinese guys, with a slightly different in its look, and presentation.

The interface is anything but tidy and orderly where you can see everything clearly. The little panel on the left side shows you what you’ve done, what you’re doing and what you ought to do. Very convenient, Indeed! The in-game currency here is basically silver and gold. Of course, you have to buy gold with real money, while the silver can be rewarded after completing quest or conquering other territories. The simple visual effect is just mediocre, with no special or deliberate designs as you can see from the interface and the battle scenes. The strategic feature may attract some male players, though.

However, when the tutorials begin, most of my guesses turn out to be true. For example, the building stuff. You build and upgrade, same stuff again, I’m sure you’ll get very familiar with it. After upgrading one of the buildings, my second mission is to attack another army. But one thing really bothers me a lot, I have to wait a couple of seconds for all the loading, including loading the background, loading the level-up, basically you need to wait until the game loads every single step you just made.

Since there’re so many functions locked, so you need to keep upgrading everything and building new things according to the quests. But you cannot build or upgrade all the things at the same time, because the little builders will be tired and if they’re tired, you can do NOTHING literally! I mean it, really nothing you can do besides waiting the whole building hours to pass. Well, I’m not lucky and I have to wait 4 and half hours to get my next mission done. What a tragedy!

Oh, an online game without the soundtracks is really a torture; needless to say that the game plot is so boring. But if you are a strategy-lover and don’t care about the visual and audio effects, then you may have a try. Enjoy.

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