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Serenia Fantasy

Serenia Fantasy

Release Date:  June 6, 2012
Publisher:  Koramgame
Developer:  Koramgame
Genre:  RPG

Serenia Fantasy (Chinese:仙境幻想) is an anime style browser RPG by KoramGame, a China-based gaming company behind games such as Spirit Tales, Dragon Born and etc.


Protagonists in the games that I played have fascinated, excited, frustrated, and annoyed me at the same time. But none of those has ever shamed me like Serenia Fantasy just did.

Serenia Fantasy is one of those games where you can reach a high level without any consideration in any form. All you have to do is to click the quest target, be it monster or NPC, in the quest panel, and the character will automatically finds its way and even complete the battle. The character, however, takes no action when it ultimately finds the NPC or just continues killing monsters even if it has defeated enough of them. That explains why you have to return to the game once in a while to have conversation with the NPC to report the completion of quest or to accept new ones or to quit the unnecessary battles and return to the task giver.

Things go different after you reach level 15. Missions that pit players in complex weapon forging start to present themselves. They are simple enough in themselves-one can complete that by simply opening the Forge window and clicking Start. The tricky question is whether you have all the materials required for that forging. Previously, everything you are in want of can be obtained from precedent quests, or to be specific, they have already been collected directly after you killed those monsters as required by the former quests. But after level 15, you will be in short of certain items and have to deliberately collect them by killing the corresponding monsters. That is not easy, since that is where you have to find the target, attack the monsters, and gather the materials on your own. For example, there was this quest demanding players to collect the needles of queen bees. I managed to arrive at the concerned area but found only ordinary bees in sight. Having no other choice, I attacked several honeycombs and did get the needles. Whenever any material is in short, you could click underlined Drop below the item icons in the Forge window and check from which monster on which map you can find that material. Those tips sometimes are ridiculous: when I was at level 20, I was quested with forging decorations using red crystals but wasn’t in possession of enough of them while the tips suggested that I should go challenge some monster of level 45 to pick those crystals. I have some already in stock, which are obviously not gained after I magically I kill a monster 25 levels ahead of me, though I didn’t quite remember when and where I got those.

Some quests feel special and interesting. Once I was asked to kill 10 Crazy Zombies and I had my character searched every corner of the involved area and couldn’t see a single figure with Cray Zombie title above its head. It turns out I have to spray the potion I just acquired upon accepting the quest onto a zombie to make it crazy and then kill it. That is cruel, but I achieved that excitedly anyway.

With monsters and quests directing you to various scenes, you will watch your character traveling among different scenes all the time. There are not always direct scene switch spots and you may have to go across two or three areas just to get to the destination. That was dull until you obtain a mount after completing the level 20 instance quest. The mount is neither a horse nor a dragon. It is a small platform, which looks like the upper part of a well and enables you to fly and saves some traveling time.

Serenia Fantasy disappoints me sometimes. The lousy graphics can easily be overshadowed by those detailed and exquisite animation of most games. On certain maps, the monsters, elite zombies for example, are in small quantity and therefore each of them may be collectively attacked by several players while each player must kill many of them to collect the quest items. In those cases, the automatic navigation, targeting, and battling become a joke. At first, I took it for granted that my character could spot and kill the monsters and then gather the required items by itself as always. But when I check the progression a few minutes later, nothing was achieved and my character was just wandering idly. I clicked again and again the item in the quest panel, and she finally seems to be in search for a correct target. Just when I was finally relieved to see it marching towards an elite zombie, it turns left and rushes to the items that appeared after another player killed his target. That was lovely and amusing for the first time but I blushed as the character keeps doing that all the time instead of killing targets herself. The game boasts a pet hatching and raising system, but I haven’t got any of the eggs successfully hatched so far.


Either way, in SERENIA FANTASY, fun starts only after you reach level 15. Lousy graphics, numerous maps, diversified quests, and shameful characters. It is easy to both love and hate this game at the same time.

16 Comments on Serenia Fantasy


  1. Rezound says:

    What the hell did u just say??? lol

  2. fucktheauthor says:

    lol dafuq are saying ? you said this game was annoying and lousy graphic but you gave this game 7.5/10 ? so weird. fuck you just fuck you

  3. bryan says:

    this game wont let me play it

  4. DranzerM says:

    @ those that think they can't play…
    it actually is supposed to open up on June 7th, 2012 (East usa time)
    You're welcome, and thx for your understanding..

  5. sockhat420 says:

    it's past the 7th of june and I can't get back on, not even through facebook

  6. I really enjoyed playing the game up to lvl 17 so far. I hope I don't encounter any lack of materials or questing problems as I play. Still, this game has nothing on Wizard 101, except that it is a browser-based game.

  7. RJay7 says:

    where can I get goblin's stick & undead liquid?

  8. pjr08 says:

    its a good game and entertaining for me, dont be fooled by this review

  9. what the says:

    why the hell can"t i get into this game. every time i click on the play now it takes me to a totaly different game. to Mythic Saga WTF fix it now. I mean NOW

  10. muhammadR says:

    This game is the best game…i played many 3d game and all didnt have the best storyline..this game is unique… and it have Auto pilot which give it more fun with single player… you dont havve to worry about making money and lvling

  11. JaTiMi says:

    Nice style of graphic ,fun gameplay,nice skills,fun to play! 10!

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