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Seven Souls Online

Seven Souls Online

Release Date:  03/2012
Publisher:  NEOWIZ GAMES
Developer:  Cyspace
Genre:  Action, MMORPG

Seven Souls Online, a solid fantasy-themed MMORPG from Korea-based Cyspace, is slated for a CBT in the first quater of 2012. Being currently published by NEOWIZ GAMES (Cross Fire and S4 League ), Seven Souls Online will soon enter the North American market, presenting a sci-fi fantasy world caught in fire of war to all interested gamers.


Seven Souls are the original force which created the world in the first place. The destruction of them will wreak massive havoc on our land, but hordes of evil forces are emerging out of nowhere, posing unpredictable threats to the survival of Mankind. Fortunately, three factions, including Manatech Rebel, Imperial Guard and Exiled Avenger, are determined to take up weapons to protect Seven Souls at all costs. Are you courageous enough to be part of this heroic warfare?

You start the adventure by diving into the oriental fantasy world and choosing your favorite avatar. From then on, you will be surrounded by all sorts of mind-blowing activities: tons of monsters are meant to be slain by legendary yet fearless warriors; a series of tough bosses are doomed to be defeated by cunning yet strong fighters; a multitude of arresting quests and profitable ceremonies are waiting to be accomplished by responsible yet competent heroes.
If you have faith in yourself, you can grow to be a universally admired hero after rounds of combat!

Seven Souls Online takes place in a persistent open world which is made up of a diversity of well-designed realms. In those distinctive arenas, you will encounter unexpeced obstacles and bulky bosses. If you can overcome them, you will get not only rewards but opportunities for leveling up. Besides, since the gaming environment differs from one another, you can also enjoy a sense of never-ending refreshment. In other words, you will never be disturbed by boredom or monotony in this fantasy world.

And the highlight of the game lies in its innovative systems, such as Cube System which enables you to craft powerful weapons with accumulated items or dismantle existing weapons into useful accessories. It gives you a precious chance to unleash your manufacturing talents and build your own arms.

Seven Souls Online also boasts a so-called Rage Mode which enables you to transform your avatar into a ferocious monster so as to acquire enforced attack power. As we all know, each faction has its unique development path as well as incomparable skills and abilities. But the possibility of physical transformation brings much more fun to the already-diverse gaming pleasure.

In conclusion, by successfully blending immersive plots, diversified quests and creative systems together, Seven Souls Online has already winned its fame in Eastern markets. So we believe it will achieve another sensation upon its upcoming release. Let’s wait and see!

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