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Shadow Era

Shadow Era

Release Date:  2011
Developer:  Wulven Game Studios

Shadow Era is a cross-platform collectible card game (abbreviated as CCG) which blends gorgeous graphical style, well-thought-out gameplay and arresting strategic depth together, offering a unique gaming experience on the web, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android. The game is developed by Wulven Game Studios, and it has attracted 2 million registered players worldwide thus far.


If you are familiar with card games, you will feel right at home when playing this new CCG. Shadow Era features the irreconcilable skirmishes between two heroes, each of whom has a whole set of special skills and a small deck of unique cards. At first, you can choose your favorite hero according to your playing style. The choice will decide what kind of cards you will have under your control during confrontation. You will be given six cards for free at the beginning of the game. If you want to expand your deck, you can strive to level up through your own endeavor. To quicken the progress, you can also purchase new cards via in-game microtransaction. Each hero has a certain number of health points, and the goal of Shadow Era is to attack your opponent with perseverance and tactics till his HP reaches zero. In a word, only one side can walk out of the merciless battlefield alive. Do you have confidence to gain the ultimate victory?

As you smash your opponents, you will earn gold with which you can buy more cards. In this way, the following adventure will be blessed with more freedom and fun. And booster packs won’t cost you much money. Thus, compared with other CCGs, Shadow Era is definitely a prime choice!

As far as I can see, Shadow Era is also friendly to newcomers with its easy-to-understand tutorial, easy-to-learn rules as well as eye-appealing illustrations. For example, a wizard can cast all kinds of awesome spells, which will create a fabulous visual effect.

In addition, strategic deployment is an integral part of the whole quest. Since resources are essential to all actions and moves in the game, you have to decide which card to sacrifice. And it is also important to make alliance with strong warriors so as to boost up the power of your squad.

Shadow Era is easily accessible and can be played on multi-platforms, such as iPhone, iPad and browser. Though the game is recommendable, there is still one annoying downside: There is no offline mode for Shadow Era, which means you cannot play the game without Internet connection.

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