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Shadowland Online

Shadowland Online

Release Date:  2011/08
Publisher:  ZQGame (China)
Developer:  ZQGame (China)
Genre:  Fantasy, RPG, Web

Shadowland Online is a browser-based strategy game that attempts to combine farm building, resources harvesting, role-playing, and quest-driven storyline. The game requires you to watch a short animation before getting started on the tutorial to obtain achievements.


Developed by ZQGame, a Chinese veteran game developer and publisher, Shadowland Online offers six races, and three kingdoms, and a fantasy persistent virtual world where players are able to build their empire, conquer and colonize territories, and ultimately win as more as battles in the epic adventure.

As a matter of fact, Shadowland Online is not the first browser MMO that has been targeted for North America. Earlier this year, ZQGame worked with Just A Game to publish Operation Gamma 41, opening two servers till now.

Unlike Three Kingdoms Online released by KoramGame, Shadowland Online resembles much with Reignage that has the same gameplay, battle mode, and empire management.  Such is the city building, and role-playing game that infuses “Fantasy,” where heavily equipped heroes vie mightily for resources, reputations, and glory.

Full Review Coming Soon. If you have something to say, please go to our forum to discuss this new browser Game.

21 Comments on Shadowland Online


  1. Arviel says:

    This is a great game! You got to try it!

  2. honeykoh says:

    shadowland online is a nice join us

  3. ryan says:

    i love it,,,,………

  4. moonxtah17 says:

    this game is great …..! Love It♥

    can any one give me a diamond? Please

  5. jenefer21 says:

    i love this game,,,,it was great..^^

  6. idol12 says:

    why icant play it anymore? cant view it >_<

  7. Varekai says:

    i can wait for the ob of this game ..great game..i love it much…

  8. Varekai says:

    when is the open beta of this game…

  9. ALKerie says:

    This Game Is AWeSome

  10. xharm says:


  11. Tomson Lin says:

    Very creative and interesting game!

  12. etjt says:

    Artistic excitement!

  13. sanjeevkumarbr says:

    but not able to open the page itself ,

    i have already reg the game

  14. thomas says:




  15. rdwan says:

    shadowland online

  16. irfanyohanes says:

    warior 30 et mi

  17. warriorbyday says:

    This game is riddled with bugs that never get fixed. The concept itself is good but the mechanics are not released and are constantly being adjusted, many times for the worse. The forums are filled with players complaining daily and the developers rarely if ever take the time to consider the suggestions made by the player base. There is little balance among heros and there is little to no strategy involved other than upgrading your gear. Most players use the same heros with the same gear in the same formation. Wins and losses are determined by nothing more than who has upgraded their gear the most. There are FAR better games available.

  18. Grana says:


  19. stephen says:

    game is dead servers blocked no one fix it — players are leaving each day –

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